Is this a complete curriculum? 

Not yet, but this is the goal. We want you to have access to engaging and communicative lessons on a variety of topics that are based on Hispanic people and culture. Our current units target novice/intermediate proficiency levels. Eventually, we will offer a suggested curriculum scope and sequence for three full years of Spanish study.

How many units can I access each month?

After you sign up for a paid membership you will have access to all units. We know many teachers teach multiple levels at one time and also like to plan ahead. Sign up, log in, and you can see and use all units and all lessons! We will be adding one new unit each month for the inaugural year (until September 2017).

How long are the lessons/units?

Each lesson is created to last 45-60 minutes depending on how in-depth you choose to complete each activity. You may choose to add your own questions to continue conversations or include practice activities in specific lessons. You may choose to skip some activities or add some. You have the freedom to adjust these to fit your teaching style and your students’ unique learning styles.

Each unit is set to last about 2 weeks, but may take slightly longer for projects, presentations and assessments.

What grades/ages are these lessons made for? 

Our lessons were created for high school students, but would also work well for middle school. We advise all teachers to preview videos and resources before using them to be sure they are appropriate for your students and school.

Can I download the units? 

No, units and lessons cannot be downloaded. AdiosTextbook works as an online planbook. The first part of each lesson is ready to show directly to students. Then there is an explanation/ideas for the teacher at the bottom. No need to save them to your flashdrive or search for them on your computer. You can log in and access these lessons from any computer, anytime. All you need is internet access and a current membership.

Exceptions: Each unit has a packet to download a unit overview, student goal sheet, homework options, and an assessment so you can print. Some lessons may include a handout, activity or graphic organizer that you will be able to directly print for your students.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Need clarification on lesson instructions? Find a broken link? Catch a typo?

Send us an email at creativelanguageclass@gmail.com and we’ll address the situation ASAP.

How does the billing work?

Your card will be charged $15 the day you sign up. Then you will be automatically billed $15 on that same day each month. You can cancel anytime. Starting in June 2017, annual memberships will by available.

Are there refunds?

No. We offer a sample unit for you to preview for two weeks before you purchase. This is also why we offer the pay by the month option so you can cancel at any time.

How do I cancel?

Need to cancel? No problem. We don’t want this to be a hassle.

Log in your account.

Click “My account” on the main menu.

Scroll down to “My membership” and click “Cancel.”

Note – The moment you cancel, you lose access to the site. There are no partial refunds.

Change your mind? You can sign back up anytime!


7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. ¡Mil gracias por todo, Kara y Megan! Descubrí su sitio por casualidad. ¡Qué suerte! Su recurso va a ser mi «salvación» durante el próximo año y medio que planeo seguir enseñar en la escuela secundaria. Mis preguntas: ¿Qué cosas se incluyen con el precio mensual? ¿Necesitamos pagar el costo individual por cada recurso que vi cuando visité al sitio?

    1. ¡De nada MJ! El precio mensual se incluye el acceso a TODO: todas las unidades, con todos los planes, y todos los exámenes, etc en el sitio. Pruebe la unidad de las Escuelas (¡es gratis!) para ver como funciona. $15 por mes – no más. Se puede cancelar cuandoquiera.

    1. With the sign up you always have access to it all. We’re trying to keep it super reasonable so that even if you’re only using one unit at a time it’s still a good deal. If you only want to use that ONE unit, you can cancel by the end of the month and you’re not committed for a long period. What other topics would you like to see?

    1. That’s something that seems to be unique to each teacher and their students, depending on the proficiency level and their prior knowledge. We focus on the daily “can-do” statement instead and allow each student to use what they already know and learn what vocab they need to complete the daily goal.

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