Thank you for your hard work and all you do to inspire language learning! 

Kara and Megan are educators and bloggers with a passion for World Languages. Their blog, Creative Language Class, was started in 2012 as a way to share their journey toward a more authentic, student-centered, and communicative class. It now has over 5 million views and connects with teachers from around the world to share ideas, solutions, and inspiration. Their leadership experiences include leading departments, mentoring teachers, designing district curriculum, and creating performance assessments. They are enthusiastic about showing how to transition from the textbook to proficiency-based instruction in order to positively impact students’ learning. In 2015, they began working with teachers full-time at department trainings, district PDs, and one-on-one online coaching throughout the United States and in international schools around the world. They offer trainings about uniting language programs with proficiency, creating performance-based assessments and learning to grade with a common rubric, and developing engaging lessons inspired by the target culture.

Many thanks to the teacher collaborators, native speakers, and editors that contribute on this site! We couldn’t do it without your expertise, cultural knowledge and suggestions.

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