#MiNombre #MiCocaCola

#1: Nombre Completo

#2: Nombre Preferido

Mi nombre completo es _________________.


Prefiero el nombre ” _________________.”

#3: Apodo


  • Nothing!

Step 1: Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. It’s not as simple as it seems… this lesson will teach you how to tell the different versions of your name!

Step 2: Question of the day

You can have students write out their responses first and then talk it out together. Talk about your name. Is it common or unique? Who has the most unique name in the class? What is the most common name in the US?

Step 3: Introduce Coca Cola Campaign

Names are important – they identify us! Coca Cola created a huge campaign about names. They are doing this around the world and each country has different names. The popular names in the US are different from the popular names in Mexico, Japan, or France.

Step 4: Coca Cola “Botellas con nombres” video + task

This video is a commercial for the Coca Cola name campaign in Chile. What names are mentioned? Here’s the link if you need it:


(You may have to show the video a few times.) Have students listen (no visuales) the first time, then watch. Afterwards, compare their list of names with a partner. What names did they have that you didn’t have? Then watch one last time? How many did they get?

Step 5: Nombre Completo 

See if they can understand and relate to the tweet. You might need to read and act it out a little. Show they what it sounded like when your mom/dad used YOUR whole name.

Celebrity names – What are these celebrities’ complete names?

Read the question. Then, have the students vote for option 1,2, or 3.

Correct Answers: BRUNO MARS = C,  A-ROD = B,  SHAKIRA = C


If they enjoy this, have them research and create their own to quiz the class.


Step 6: Nombre Preferido

Show the Coca Cola video “Angie”. Ask students: What names did the other people use? Which name did she prefer?

See if any students are able to tell their full name, and then what name they actually prefer.

Examples of Spanish names: Josefina – Fina, Adriana – Adri, Catalina – Cata

Step 7: Apodo

Show the first two example of nicknames. Students might not understand “apodo” until they see examples.

Does anyone in the class have a nickname?  (in high school, you might want to mention that it should be school appropriate)

Check for Learning: Selfie Project

Post the picture with the task and instructions. Most students have apps to add text over top of a picture. Have them take a picture and then share the different versions of their name! You can have them upload it to your class site or print them and use them to decorate a bulletin board!

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


  1. allomba@carrollk12.org

    Your lessons are amazing! I wish I could afford them! Nice job!

    • Kara Parker

      Ask your school! About 1/3 of the subscribers on here did. 75 cents a day for access to everything is way cheaper than you’d pay on TPT or other curriculum.

      • blakely edgington

        My administrators laughed with glee when I told them I didn’t want to purchase new textbooks, that I’d just need this subscription instead. 🙂 And, it made it an easy decision for them to say yes to purchasing a few additional textbooks for one of my levels still using them since those classes are a bit bigger this year. Thanks for everything you ladies do!

        • Kara Parker

          Welcome! And so glad to hear that! $180 a year is way less than textbooks could cost and this would be considered “resources” for the budget.

  2. Leigh Netcoh

    Hello! Is there a powerpoint available with these visuals?

    • Kara Parker

      We created the lessons to be shown/taught directly from the webpage. Some lessons have a download which are usually handouts for the students. So no need to download every lesson!

  3. profesoranoack

    I like the lesson. But I think I could add a list of latino names so the students would choose one of them for the class.

    • Megan Smith

      That’s the beauty of this site- you can always add additional activities to make the lesson fit your style! Sounds fun!

  4. Timothy Eagan

    So far I am loving it. I got subscriptions for the 3 middle school teachers and decided to get one for myself to see what the fuss was all about. I am SOOOOOOO glad I did! I love the “Amigos Nuevos” lesson. I might need to do some adapting for a legally blind student who can’t read italics or fancy fonts. Thanks for saving us all so much time!

    • Megan Smith

      Hi Timothy – Thanks for your feedback! I hadn’t thought about visually impaired modifications… We’ll try to be sure we’re careful with fonts in future units. You might want to try to magnify your screen size to make fonts a little bigger.

  5. lwatchi

    Hello, I really like the format of your lessons and the fact that they are up with the times. Do you also have anything similar for French, or work with anyone out there who provides a similar service for French lessons? I am teaching two languages this year. Thank you!

    • Megan Smith

      Thank you! I wish we had a French version, but it’s not available (yet). Hopefully, one day! We do have several French teachers who use these resources to help guide their planning. They tell us that starting with “I can” statements, and seeing resources + activities really helps them frame a lesson. They have to find a similar French authres (video, article) and translate a little, but the ideas really get them on track. Good thing for you, you wouldn’t have to look anything up since you know both languages!

  6. SraDavis

    The video for #2 Mi nombre preferido, is no longer available. Is there any other video I can use instead?

    • Megan Smith

      It’s back! Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy!

  7. wwright


    I am having a hard time accessing the video about “Mi nombre preferido”. I am getting the message “Sorry. This video does not exist.” Would it be possible to get the link to it?

    Thank you, and I am loving the resources!


    • Megan Smith

      I just updated it. It’s working now! Thanks,Whitney!

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