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وصف الرياضة الخطرة

…في رأيي ، هذه الرياضة هي







الرياضة الخطرة رقم ١


الرياضة الخطرة رقم ٢

الرياضة الخطرة رقم ٣

ما رأيك في الرياضة الخطرة؟

< < < للمدرس > > >

Hello Arabic Teachers!

We are currently building this lesson. Above we have put what we already have to you can use it now. Below are some things that we are needing so we can make it a complete lesson. Add any of these to the comments below, plus we’d love to know any cultural points we should add.


Question of the Day

Authentic Resources like Videos/Articles/Websites for this objective

Objectives Covered:

  • I can give my opinion about extreme sports.
  • I can read tweets and give my response.


  • Find tweets about extreme sports
  • Find videos about extreme sports
Step 1: Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective.

Step 2: Question

What words and phrases can you use to describe extreme sports?

Access their prior knowledge and find out what vocab they already have that could help them with today’s objective.

Step 3: Categorize vocabulary

Show them the image with the descriptions and let them categorize these by writing each word under the positive OR negative column. 

Note: Some of the words below aren’t necessarily + or -, but students can put them into the category that makes sense to them. Example: Dangerous to some is negative, but not all. Either is fine!

Step 4: Model how to give your opinion

Model for them how to give an opinion – using some of the descriptions from the activity before.

Step 5: Partner Speaking – giving opinions

Explain that they are going to watch a few videos of popular extreme sports and then give their opinions of them. The only rule – they have to do it in Arabic and they cannot talk during the video.

Introduce extreme sport number one.

Show a minute or two of the video and then stop and ask them to give their opinion of this extreme sport. (write on whiteboard or say it out loud to a partner).

Repeat this process with the rest of the videos. They will get repition of the function phrases (In my opinion, it is) but most likely need a variety of adjectives to describe the different sports. 

Step 6: Interpretive Reading

  •  After finding tweets about extreme sports:
  • Circle any sport mentioned on the page
  • highlight any description
  • Give an opinion about extreme sports! Write 3 comments (in Arabic) responding to 3 different tweets (include 2 appropriate hashtags too)

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


  1. Layla Block

    وصف الرياضة الخطرة
    = description of dangerous sports- This is where you have postie and negative terms.

    Where you have, in my opinion it is, does it refer to sport? If so, we need to change the gender of adjectives because sport is feminine. I wasn’t clear.

    What kind of resources do you need? Could you be more specific what you are looking for?

    • Kara Parker

      Yes. It’s all about the extreme sports. I changed the وصف الرياضة الخطرة – let me know if I didn’t put it in the right place. Also you do not have to find the resources at this time. I think we are going to work on that with that teachers. Thanks!

  2. Layla Block

    في رأيي ، هذه الرياضة هي
    In my opinion, this sport is….
    ممتعة = fun
    خطِرة = dangerous
    مملة = boring
    [updated 9/23]

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