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انقر فوق الصورة لرؤية المزيد 

unit overview

The traditional “food” unit is just too big! We’ve zoomed in to focus on talking about popular street foods. Learners will be able to order, give opinions, give simple recommendations, and ask and answer basic questions about street foods.

Proficiency Range:

    ⊕ Novice Mid – Intermediate Low

Length: approximately 10 days


    ⊕ Contemporary Life

Talking about these topics:

⊕ popular street foods in the target cultures

⊕ main ingredients

⊕ street carts, food trucks & cafes

Using these language skills:

⊕ understanding descriptions, menus & reviews

⊕ describing street foods & places

⊕ giving opinions about foods & places

⊕ ordering & asking simple questions






 < < < < < < < < < < < الموارد > > > > > > > > > > >

Idea: Label in Arabic a map with common street foods around the world.

← Category Organizer

Investigate different street foods. List the main ingredients in the category (lamb, chick peas, potatoes, etc).

List of Common Street Foods →

Cut these apart. Use to assign a street food for them to research.

Also use it for games. Ideas:

← Star Ratings

Show/say a street food. Let them respond with their opinion about it.

Places to Eat Organizer →

Look at reviews of places to eat. List the basic information, reasons to go and reasons to not go for 4 places. Then compare them and pick the best one to go to.

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  1. Hanadi Shtayyeh

    Can you please add this video! it’s about prince William eating Arabic street food in “Ramallah”! Please also add it to Intermediate high for”Breakfast around the World” unit.

    Thank you

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