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زر الموقع الإلكتروني

< < < للمدرس > > >

Hello Arabic Teachers!

We are currently building this lesson. Above we have put what we already have to you can use it now. Below are some things that we are needing so we can make it a complete lesson. Add any of these to the comments below, plus we’d love to know any cultural points we should add.


Question of the Day

Authentic Resources like Videos/Articles/Websites for this objective

Targeted Phrases:


  • Download and print…

Step 1: Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. See if they can figure it out. Help them by using cognates, actions, or props.

Step 2: Question

Show the question. Have them answer it on their own or with a partner.

Ask the class to share their thoughts.



Check for Learning

Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Extension Ideas

Reference any relevant options on the “Experiences/Homework Sheet.”

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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