Let’s chat it out!!

ATchats are continuing throughout the school year!

Using Zoom, we will meet to talk out different topics, share solutions and support each other to make communication happen. Bring your questions and connect with other educators.

Discussions are open to all (invite a friend or colleague to join). 

Due to privacy, we will not record these chats. We want you to feel comfortable asking any question you have. If you miss one, let us know you’re interested in the topic below in the comments.


What to do about absences?

Wednesday – February 22, 2023 at 2:30EST to 3:00

Let’s discuss this unavoidable challenge that we all have. Bring your questions and/or solutions, and we’ll share ours as well.

Keeping It Authentic:

Interpretive Assessments

October 19, 3 EST & 6 EST

How can we make interpretive assessments that reflect real-life? How do we put a grade, or do we even put a grade? 

We don’t have all the answers, but we’d like to get this discussion started to hear your thoughts as well.

Formative Checks ATCHAT

Sept. 14th at 3-3:30pm EST

Sept. 18th at 4-4:30pm EST

How can we check for learning?

What’s it look like in a proficiency based class?

See how a formative check helps promote growth…

to hold learners accountable and guide your teaching!

Units to Start the Year ATCHAT

Aug 18th at 11am-12pm EST

Aug 26th at 11am-12pm EST

Start the year with a captivating unit!

Let’s look at 3 units that we suggest to start the year: one for brand new learners, one for returning learners, and one for the upper classes.


Talking about how to start with a captivating unit, not long lists (remember that traditional level 1, unit 1… so many words…ugh.) or review of what they “forgot” (no need to shame them for summer brain).

Arabic • ChineseEnglish • French • German • Italian • Spanish

Starting the Year ATCHAT

July 26th, Aug 8th

Five ways to start the year focused on proficiency.

Tips, resources and lessons that you can do during that first month of teaching.


We talked about a few ways to explain proficiency to your classes, syllabus, benchmarks, the proficiency line, other wall decor, units to kick off the year, and lessons to be in the TL from day one. You can access all of these resources on the link to the right.


June 9th, Thurday

If you teach middle school, let’s talk about your dream curriculum.

This will be a Q&A discussion about choosing exciting units that are unique for learners. We have something new just for you!


We are creating new units for younger learners! They are shorter (lessons and unit), simplier “I can” statements, and more relevant topics. Once we finish one, we’ll add it to your language page. You can see the ideas on the “Younger Learners Page.” We’d love to have you as part of the process! Share any ideas on those pages.

We also talked about setting benchmarks (Ex NM at the end of year) and year-long goals (recycled “I can”) for a middle school program. You’ll see that on the “Younger Learners Page” too.


May 24th, Tuesday

Are you a district or teacher leader for your World Language program?

This will be a Q&A discussion about moving your program forward while focusing on proficiency & communication in your curriculum.


We discussed curriculum, assessments, grading and more.


January 10th Q&A 

It’s the halfway point! Let’s have a live ATchat to discuss what’s on your mind. We’ll have two chats that night, so come to the one that’s best for you.

Topics we can discuss:
+ What’s new/relevant on the site

 + Accountability – What to do and what to not do
 + ANY questions you have

Invite a friend, invite your department… we welcome all to join!
(We’ll send you a reminder email the weekend before.)


Grammar in Context: Past Tense

Monday, March 22

Common questions we will discuss:
+ selecting which units and how many
+ vertically aligning the units
+ matching AT units to an existing district curriculum
Plus other questions you have.

What would you like to chat about next time?


  1. cwensel

    Can we view a chat that happened in the past? I could not attend the chat about Past tense and was hoping to be able to listen to what was discussed.

    • Kara Parker

      Let us see what we can do with the video that was recorded… Regardless, if this is a topic that is wanted, we’ll gladly do a repeat!

    • Megan Smith

      I’m working on getting the video up this week! Stay tuned!

  2. Rebecca Sayan

    How to use the authentic texts properly across all proficiency levels to get the most out of them.

    • Kara Parker

      Oh that’s a good one!

    • KHuffman

      I second this! I often teach mixed level classes, so this would be especially helpful

    • Kara Parker

      Hey Rebecca! By chance are you coming to tonight’s AT Chat? I got ideas to share!

  3. Cybil Federer

    Are you able to send out emails ahead of time to alert us of the AT Chats? I want to participate in them, but I did not receive notice of this moment recent one until the evening of the chat. Thank you!

    • Kara Parker

      Yep! I sent one last week. Did that one not get to you? The email that went out tonight was suppose to go out yesterday (I messed up the date). Next time we’ll get the timing better!

      • Caterina Francisco

        Did last night’s chat happen to be recorded on curriculum planning ? Will you be sharing it? I was not able to attend either!

        • Kara Parker

          Yes it happened. There was a recording glitch unfortunately. We plan to have this chat again in the summer, since it’s was nice that people could ask their specific questions. Or email us if you want a response to your own curriculum question sooner!

          • Angie Ungs

            I would also love to have a chance to watch/participate in this topic! I’m on our district curriculum writing team this year for Spanish III and it’s overwhelming me to think about as the deadline is quickly approaching!

          • Kara Parker

            Hello Angie! We’ll probably be doing a chat mid-August. You’ll get an email about it. Also a side note, per the site terms, the stuff on the site can only be used by members, so you can’t share with your school/district for their curriculum unless all the teachers are members. If you are the only one using it, that’s ok. I don’t know exactly what you are doing with your writing team, but I want to make sure you know the copyrights and guidelines. We’re happy to talk about district options with just you if needed (aka don’t need to wait for an ATChat).

  4. Vicky Miller

    How do you balance allowing students to move at their own pace with needing to move the whole class forward together as a group? For example, when do you create time to allow students multiple attempts to complete a “stamp” (in person for convos or controlling an influx of random papers/online submissions)? Or how do you handle a student who has not completed all of their stamps and is not ready to take the PA on the scheduled PA day?- How do you schedule that retake without holding up the whole group or pulling that student out of instruction time for the next unit? I struggle with the logistics of moving the class forward while simultaneously allowing students to move at their individual pace. All of my attempts at this are WAY too chaotic and WAY too much extra work! They stress me out and I feel like students aren’t as productive/engaged when we’re all going in different directions.

    • Kara Parker

      Hello Vicky! Great questions and the answer is “it depends” or “there are a few ways to do that.” I do want to validate that if it feels like it’s too much, then it definitely needs simplified. I think this would be a great AT Chat… maybe even the next one… Here’s a post that will answer several of those for you in the meantime: https://www.adiostextbook.com/stamp-sheet/

      • Vicky Miller

        That link does have a lot of helpful ideas. (As did a lot of the other links that I continued to follow!) Thank you! I think it would also be helpful to get to see several specific examples of how you or others have implemented this. Even if your exact situation is different from mine, I think it would spur on my brainstorming!

        • Kara Parker

          Can you come to one of the next AT chats? May 10, 11 or 12?

          • Vicky Miller

            Yes, I plan to join the Spanish one tonight!

  5. Mercedes Fox

    I would love to join for the middle school one on June 9th-unfortunately, I will still be in school. Is there any way that you can conduct the same Q&A at night?
    Can I get a brief summary of the topics selected for Middle School?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Kara Parker

      Let’s find a date that works for you then! We can’t do that night, but we can repeat it later in the month. When does your school year end? The middle school unit topics fall under these themes: Daily Life, Activities, Identities, Foods, Travel, Nature, Celebrations, and Technology. We can’t wait to show off what we’ve been working on!

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