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¿Quién respondió la mayoría de las preguntas correctamente?

¿Quién es Celia Cruz?


Mira el vídeo y lee la página de Wikipedia.

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vídeo uno

vídeo dos

vídeo tres

vídeo cuatro

vídeo cinco

vídeo seis

vídeo siete

vídeo ocho

vídeo nueve

vídeo diez

vídeo once

vídeo doce

vídeo trece

tuit catorce

Possible discussions points for each video:

Video 1: What does “mulata” mean? Is is fair to not let someone participate in something based on their skin color? Were there issues with racism in our country during this time (approximately 1945)?

Video 2: What do you notice about the way people dressed to go out to the club?

Video 3: Are singing competitions a new thing? Before televised shows, the radio used to host them! Singers got their start by participating and performing well in these competitions (and won money)!

Video 4: The group wanted to be sure Celia could sing AND dance. Is dancing a necessary skill for a singer? Why was it for Celia?

Video 5: Celia performs her debut at “La Tropicana” night club. It opened in 1939 and is still open today! What famous music venues have been around that long in our country?

Video 6: Do you think Pedro is a good boyfriend for Celia? Why or why not? Is it a good idea to date someone you work with?

Video 7: Is it fair for the government to take people’s property? What do you think about this?

Video 8: Is it fair for the government to raise taxes and demand higher payment? Is it fair that the group has to inform the government and ask permission for any tours they go on? Why is the Cuban government doing this?

Video 9: Can you imagine going on vacation and finding out you might never go back? Could you say goodbye to your home and start life in a new country?

Video 10: Alberto calls Celia a “traidora” of the country. What does that mean?

Video 12: Celia’s mother’s last words were “por tu salud – te amo.” Who do you think she was referring to?

Video 13: Why do you think Pedro and Celia waited so long to get married? Why do you think they chose to have a small wedding?

Tweet 14: How did people honor and remember her after her death?



Summarize the lyrics in 10 words or less.

¿Qué piensas sobre el mensaje de esta canción…
Explica tu opinión.


Is this what Celia is referring to when she says “la vida es un carnaval?”

The lyrics say that some think life is unfair and cruel, but Celia thinks it’s not, that it is a beautiful thing. Brainstorm a list, and then discuss a few events that Celia could have considered “unfair” or “cruel” and a few events that she would have considered “beautiful.”

Tarea: Puedo explicar las letras de OTRA canción de Celia.

Step 1: Research Another Song

Now, it’s your turn to find lyrics and analyze another song from Celia Cruz. You can work alone, in partners, or in groups.

Here are a few good options:

Rie y Llora

Mi vida es cantar

Sazon (amor)

Hay que empezar otra vez (felicidad)

Celia y Tito

Ay Mi Cuba

Latinos en Estados Unidos

Step 2: Find the lyrics.


Step 3: Summarize the main idea of the song in 10 words or less.

Step 4: Research the song.

Who wrote it? When? Is there a video of Celia singing it on YouTube? Does it refer to something in her life?

Step 5: Share with the Class.

Tell the title of the song, the year it was produced, and explain the main idea in the lyrics. Then play a 30 second clip of the song.

Step 6: Comment on a different song.

Pick one other song that someone else talked about.

How do you think the lyrics connect with personal events in Celia’s life at the time?

Does it connect to you or something you’ve experienced?

What consistent themes do you see throughout all her songs?

¿Quienes son otros cantantes/grupos importantes de la música de salsa?

Parte 1: La investigación de su historia


Pick one of the salseros to research.

Download/print the graphic organizer or write it on your own paper.

Parte 2: La investigación de su música



Parte 3: 1-Minute Presentation Challenge


Create a video or “listicle” using available tech.

(tech example: iMovie, Adobe Spark, etc.)

Share with your classmates.


¿Cuáles son los LOGROS más importantes para un cantante?

Parte 1: la investigación de su historia


Compete the form with information about Celia. Include your source (title, URL, date, etc).

Paso 2: investiga a otro cantante


Pick any singer that you want. Find information about that person.

Paso 3: una comparación de cantantes


Compare the artists.


¿Qué instrumentos se usan en una banda de salsa?

TAREA: instrumentos


Watch the videos below. Note the names of the instruments and the words/phrases used to explain how to play an instrument.

Then find one of the instruments and try to play a salsa rythm on it.

Ideas for the instruments:

– download an app

– ask a neighbor

– create one from something around the house

¡Tocamos juntos!

Watch the last video “Maracas Latin Music Tutorial” with all the instruments playing and blending together. Challenge! Find some classmates and play together (Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc).

Playing helps us ALL realize how talented the real musicians are!

Describe una experiencia en que aprendiste a bailar.

¿Quién te enseñó? ¿Cómo te fue?

Parte 1: instrumentos


Watch the videos below. Note the names of the instruments and the words/phrases used to explain how to play an instrument.

Then find one of the instruments and try to play a salsa rythm on it.

Ideas for the instruments: 

– download an app

– ask a neighbor

– create one from something around the house

Mira Quién Baila


These clips are from Univision’s dance competition show. The first is a commercial advertising the show. Other cultures love music and dance and they have dancing competition shows just like we do!

Mira Quién Baila


Dayanara Torres, is Puerto Rican, an ex-Miss Universe, and an ex-wife of Marc Anthony and was a contestant on the show (October 2017). She dances to one of his songs for the competition and says she feels a lot of pressure to do a good job and represent Puerto Rico after all that happened with Hurricane Maria. 

Mira Quién Baila


This video is an interview after that performance where they asked her how she feels about dancing to Marc Anthony’s music. Interesting response!

They must have loved her salsa steps, because she ends up winning the competition!

¡A bailar!

Pick a popular salsa song and dance along with the beat for the whole song.

It’s a good workout!


Cut up the words and put them in a bucket.

Set a timer for 30 seconds.

One person will try to describe the word on the card (without saying the word) and get the other person to guess it.

How many words can your partner guess in 30 seconds?

Then ask someone else to play!



You are on a chat board about salsa music. Jump in the discussion and answer the questions at your proficiency target.

Option 1:

Record a video of yourself answering the questions in Spanish at your proficiency target.


Option 2:

Find a partner, interview each other using the questions in Spanish at your proficiency target.

Option 3:

Meet with your teacher to have an online conversation (may be a group or individual) to discuss the questions at your proficiency target.


TAREA: reflexiones

Think about all that you’ve learned this unit… culture, language, content, and more!

Fill out the reflection sheets on your progress.