I can tell what I did during



Explain what you did during winter break.

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This is good group activity to get students up and moving and using the language on the first day back. I used this activity first thing on the day back from winter break. I wanted my students to use the language without writing or feeling pressure to produce a lot when they are rusty. We all got to see how others answered the questions without the one-on-one questioning. My favorite part is that it is a way for students to get comprehensible input, while sprinkling in some grammar (past tense). I used familiar words, but included a lot that was new to them too. I love letting them see new vocab in a context without it being on a list! They had a chance to talk about their break and still used the language. Success!  ~Kara


  • Hang a blue, red, green and purple piece of paper in each corner of classroom. (one color in each corner)
  • If you want to create more or different questions, download the blank image. Once the image pops up, use ctrl+C to copy it so you can put it in any program you want.


Introduce that you want to know all about their break!

Ask the question to see what they already know in the target language.

What are common New Year resolutions?

Questions / 4 Corners

Show them the first “blank” image. Explain they will “answer” by going to the color that represents their answer.

Show a question and the possible answers. You read the question and they find the answer that best suits them. Then they move to that corner of the room.

Tips for making this activity work better:

  • Use a lot of cognates 
  • Be ready to draw pictures to clarify unfamiliar words
  • Have some quirky questions/answers
  • Allow them to talk it out with a friend (some needed help understanding)
  • Use a pic if they need to know a word to answer the question
  • Keep it moving (10 mins. was plenty)
  • Ask follow-up questions (What kind of tech did you get? a phone? video games?), especially if the answer is “other”

Go to next question. Skip any questions that are too difficult. Add your own using the download.

Show the blank image with the 4 papers above and just say it – this will really challenge them to listen!

Optional Grammar Sprinkle: Past Tense

Show the questions. Bring their attention to the verbs. Ask them if they recognize a pattern. If they are ready, you can do a quick past tense explanation on the “you” (question) and the “I” (answer). Keep it simple!


Put them with partners to interview them and report back what they did. This gives them a chance to ask the questions.

Check for Learning

Have them summarize what they did over break in Chinese.

Easier Option – Show the questions again.

Harder Option – Have them summarize what they did over break without the questions as prompts.

Extension Ideas

Give them blank sheets and let them create more questions.

Cut apart the questions/prompts and do a “bucket of questions” station or partner activity.

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