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Authentic Resources: Links/Videos, added in lesson

Would you eat this?

Research a street food or drink.

Talk about what you discovered.

Which seems to be the most delicious?

Identify the street food or drink.


Targeted Phrases: It’s popular in, The ingredients are, It seems _ to me.


  • Download and print “research form sheets for the learners to investigate the foods/drinks.” One per person.
  • Print two sets of the “Investigation List” and cut apart. If you are reusing it, it’s suggested to print on card stock. There are extra spaces to add more if you want.
  • Print all the “Investigation Sheets” for each person.
  • Optional: If playing the 30 seconds game, you’ll want more sets of the list. See directions to know how many to print.

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. See if they can figure it out. Help them by using cognates, actions, or props.


See what they think to start the conversation and activate prior knowledge. Ask the class to share their thoughts.


Introduce what poutine is. Go through the questions and model how to answer in a complete sentence.

Tell that it is a popular street food. Use the resources and images to explain it. Use the map to tell where it originated. Tell them your opinion of poutine. Ask them what their opinion is. Use the additional links and resources if you want.

Model Street Food Research with Form

Show them how you would look for information if you didn’t know anything about “Poutine.”

First, is it a food or a drink? Google it and click images – easy to find out! Scroll through the images so they get an idea of what it is.

See if there are videos on YouTube. Show them how you search in the target language.

Then, go to the wikipedia page to find out the main ingredients and where it is popular.

Complete the form.

Let them research!

Give each student the exact same form. Assign a food/drink to each person (download). They will research it and complete the form. 

We tried to include street foods/drinks from a variety of cultures that speak French.

There’s a bit of extra space on the sheet if they want to draw a picture or put other information. Encourage them to list their sources at the bottom. You could also add that they find photos, videos, websites, tweets, etc. and collect those (Padlet) to “show” the street food/drink.

    • Baguette sandwiches
    • Croque monsieur / Croque madame
    • Crêpes 
    • Poutine
    • Gaufres
    • Socca
    • Sandwich (à emporter) – super common to grab a prepared sandwich and go:
    • Lots of international food options in France from different Francophone countries/immigration/influences from overseas:
        • Burgers
        • Kebabs
        • Falafal 
        • Paella can be found at any market

Optional: Street Food Videos

Have them find and show a few minutes of each video to give students a closer look at some of the foods they just researched. It’s awesome to see the ingredients, how it’s prepared, and the hands that made it (and have been preparing them for years).

Partner Share-back

Now give students the pages with the lists.

Have students walk around and talk to others to get the information they need to complete their lists. Give them a few minutes to to tell their partner about one of the foods that they looked up. If needed, ring a bell or some make a sound and tell them to find another partner and repeat. Do this a few times until they have completed their forms.

Trivia (This could be a sub plan or extension)

Check for learning

Play 30 Seconds game.

The objective is about them being able to identify the different types of street foods. Using the list, play the game (read more on the link).

Another option is that you could describe one and see if they can understand/identify which food you are talking about.

Adapt as you want!

Check for Learning

Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Extension Ideas

Reference any relevant options on the “Experiences/Homework Sheet.”

Research Option #2

This version includes three different lists that have 5 street foods/drinks on each one. Give 1/3 of the class one of the lists, another 1/3 the second one, and the other 1/3 the third list. This makes it where they are not all researching the same things, but could work in groups or with a partner. There’s also a blank version so you can create and add another list if you want.

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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