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What is the most disgusting food?

Would you eat this?

les crêpes

la poutine

les bagels

les kebabs

le croque monsieur

les sandwichs


les gaufres

le bannann fri

le falafel

les maatjes

les smoutebollen

Which street food is the best?



The worst?

< < < for the teacher > > > 

Targeted Phrases: best, better than, worse than


Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. See if they can figure it out. Help them by using cognates, actions, or props.

This will use their research from the “investigate” lesson.


Ask what the most disgusting food is. 

Star Ratings

First, tell them to get out their investigate sheets from the previous class. Explain what the star ratings mean in simplified language and examples as needed. Then have them rate each one on their sheet: 3 stars, 2 stars or 1 star. Model as needed.

There are some additional articles/listicles included above if you want to go beyond just the ones that they researched. You can also look for others using keywords like: best street foods in (country).


Partner them up. Give each pair a set of agreee/disagree signs. You say one of the foods. They will share with each other whether they would eat it, or not. Give them about 20 seconds to talk that out.

Ring a bell or somehow bring their attention back. If they have the same answer, tell them to hold up the “agree” sign. If they have different answers, they will hold up the “disagree” sign. 

Ask follow-up questions to get a bit more discussion out of this before you say the next food and repeat.

Extension Idea: Bracket Battles

Set up a bracket on the wall. Read the link below for ideas.

Have two students come up to introduce the food/drink that they researched. They will take turns explaining why theirs is better than the other. Let the class ask questions. Model for them any structures/vocabulary they may need to complete this.

Have the class vote for which one is better. Write the food/drink that won on the bracket.

Repeat with the next round until there is a winner.


Check for Learning

Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Extension Ideas

Reference any relevant options on the “Experiences/Homework Sheet.”

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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