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unit overview

The main focus of this unit is talking about popular street foods. Students will learn to order, give opinions and simple recommendations, and ask and answer basic questions about Hispanic street foods.

Proficiency Level:

⊕ Novice Mid – Intermediate Low

Length: approximately 10 days

AP Connections

⊕ Contemporary Life

Talking about these topics:

⊕ empanadas, tacos, + other street foods

⊕ main ingredients (meat, vegetables, fruits)

⊕ restaurants, food trucks, street carts

⊕ recipes, reviews, vendors


Using these language skills:

⊕ describing foods

⊕ giving opinions

⊕ understanding reviews

⊕ asking + answering simple questions






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  1. SraStevensB208

    I’ve seen this commercial several times, and dug up the link to use as a Listening activity – have them check off or write down the different street foods mentioned (no visual at first), then let them see it. The “wrap-up” could be having them say which street food they would prefer to eat with a Coca-Cola.

    • Kara Parker

      Love that commercial! I’ll eat.. TODOS. 🙂

  2. Samantha Page

    Hi! I am just now wrapping up the Comparing Breakfasts of the World Unit with my 8th graders. I’m thinking about immediately following it with the “Street Food” Unit. Do you think that would feel like too much of the same to students? The breakfast unit went well, and I’m looking to cover the food topic as thoroughly as I can because I know this is an important part of the Spanish I curriculum everything. I notice some of the activities between the units are similar, like looking at restaurant reviews, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, right? And I assume we could move through some lessons faster, like ordering…

    • Megan Smith

      Not a bad thing at all. We’ve purposely planned units to go side by side if you want a fuller dive into a specific theme OR to be taught each year so you can revisit the same topic with a new twist. (If you were doing this again in the future, I’d plan to do COMIDA CALLEJERA first though. Desayunos is a bit more challenging (using some past tense, touching on subjunctive, etc.).


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