Where do the fruits we eat come from?

What fruits are most popular in the United States?

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Proficiency Range:

Novice Low – Novice High

Unit Duration:

8-10 days


Science and Technology (AP)

Sharing our Planet (IB)

Talking about these topics:

⊕ apples

⊕ tropical fruits

⊕ fruity foods

⊕ colors, sizes, seeds

⊕ geography

⊕ health benefits

Using these language skills:

⊕ identifying

⊕ describing

⊕ giving opinions

⊕ answering simple questions

⊕ comparing






interpretive reading

interpersonal speaking

presentational speaking

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This unit has 2 lessons (tropical fruits, other fruits) where learners do some discovery to figure out the fruit vocab on their own. No need to create or give them a list up front.

Build up a habit of letting them figure out what is important and give them a few minutes at the end of each lesson to add to their own personal vocab list.


Tropical Fruits


Match up the photos of the fruit WHOLE and CUT  to figure out the name of the fruit. Tape of glue to the unit vocab sheet! 

Other Fruits

Vocabulary Hunt

Can they figure out  the names of these fruits on their own?

Show real products and let them find the vocab!


Can they identify the fruits they hear?

Play this FRUITY fun version to find out!

Describing Fruits

Health Benefits

fun ways to eat fruit

– A little fun –

Class Wishlist: our favorite extras for teaching this unit

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Fruit stickers pack: Give them as prizes, use for games, or to decorate

Tajín packets or mini-bottles (bulk): Time for a taste test!

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