Do you like your name?

Is it unique or common?

Names are important.

3 types of names:

#1: full name

What is Bruno Mars’ full name?

option 1: His full name is

Mario Pedro Hernandez.

option 2: His full name is

Bruno Mario Hernandez.

option 3: His full name is

Peter Gene Hernandez.

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What is Lady Gaga’s full name?

option 1: Her full name is 

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

option 2: Her full name is

Joanne Gene Laurent


option 3:  Her full name is Renée Garnet

#2: A shorter name

My name is…

but I prefer…







My full name is _________, but I like to be called ________.

#3: Nickname

Dwayne Johnson’s nickname is “The Rock.”

Kobe Bryant’s nickname is “Black Mamba.”


Tell your names.

My full name is... I prefer to be called... My nickname is...

< < < for the teacher > > >


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Step 1: Share Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. It’s not as simple as it seems… this lesson will teach you how to tell the different versions of your name!


Step 2: Question of the day

You can have students write out their responses first and then talk it out together. Talk about your name. Is it common or unique? Who has the most unique name in the class? What is the most common name in the US?

Step 3: Introduce Coca Cola Campaign

Names are important – they identify us! Coca Cola created a huge campaign about names. They are doing this around the world and each country has different names. 

Names are part of our identity! We put them on shirts, jewelry, tattoos, etc!



Step 4: Full names

See if they can understand and relate to the tweet. You might need to read and act it out a little. Show they what it sounded like when your mom/dad used YOUR whole name.

Celebrity names – What are these celebrities’ full names?

Read the question. Then, have the students vote for option 1,2, or 3.

Correct Answers:  Bruno Mars= 3, Lady Gaga = 1,  

If they enjoy this, have them research and create their own to quiz the class.

Step 5: A shortened name

Sometimes people prefer a name that’s different from their REAL name. 

These are common American names and shorter versions that some prefer. 

 Do any student prefer a shorter version of their name?

See if any students are able to tell their full name, and then what name they actually prefer.

Step 6: Nicknames

Show the first two example of nicknames. Students might not understand “nickname” until they see examples.

Does anyone in the class have a nickname?  (in high school, you might want to mention that it should be school appropriate)

You may want to teach them the phrase… “My friends call me…” or “My family calls me…”


Step 8: Check for learning

Post the black section with the exit slip task: “Tell your names.” Let them respond however they can. Some might do phrases and others might aim for sentences. You could have them write this, say it to you, or record a video.

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