Match these iconic foods with the correct city.


What foods can you find in New York City?

Pizza (by the slice)


Hot Dogs


Black and White Cookie




Black and White Cookie


hot dogs


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  • Optional graphic organizer for note taking 

Step 1: Introduce the Daily Objective

By the end of this class, students should be able to recognize a few iconic dishes from NYC and describe some of the them at their proficiency level.

Step 2: Question of the day

Most cities around the world are known for a special food or dish.

Give them a minute or two to connect the foods with the correct city. 

Then have them talk it out (as a whole group or with a partner). Challenge them to do this in the target language. 

Example: “I think number 2 is from Paris.”

Follow it up with “What is that iconic food called? Raise your hand if you’ve tried it. Do you like it?” 

There are also foods and drinks that are very popular in Barcelona and very common to see on menus throughout the city. Today we are going to learn about a few of them!   

Step 3: Iconic foods in NYC

 Learn about foods/drinks. You may want to give students the handout to keep track of the new information.

You can set up independent learning stations or teach them one at a time with COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT. 

You may want to give students the handout to keep track of the new information.

Watch the videos for the dishes/specialties together and guide them through choosing the correct info to circle.

Then let them do a little research on their own to figure out the main ingredients for the dish. 

It may open up some interesting discussions… what is “cheesecake”? Help them make comparisons to something from their own culture. 



Step 4: RANK them!

The final section of the handout asks learners to rank the foods/drinks from best to worst. 

Have them do this on the handout (or on their own paper) independently.

Next, have them find a partner to share their opinions…

Model for them with some level-appropriate structure to help them stay in the target language. 

I think the best option is _________ because……

Second, I chose…


The worst option is … __________ because…


Step 5: Play


Do a few quick flyswatter games where 1 student describes a food/drink, and 2 other students compete to touch the name of the food/drink being described. 

Coach them to make their descriptions are detailed as possible with hot/cold, ket ingredients, simple or complex recipe, etc.

OPTION 2: Partner

Have them describe one to a partner and see how quickly they can guess the correct food/drink.


Check for Learning

Refer back to the daily objective.

You can mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas:


1.) Search for these NYC favorites in their OWN community.


Can they find these foods/drinks in the grocery store or a local restaurant? 


2.) Find a recipe and make one of them at home and share with their families!


3.) Interview a New Yorker and see what they think about these foods/drinks.


 4.) Remind them to be working on their experiences.


Share your ideas & resources with the community below!


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