Why should we protect parks?

What problems are parks facing?

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Here are some tips and suggestions to implement the assessments.


  • Download and print the assessments you want to use from the main unit page.
  • Optional: Include a rubric on the back.

Proficiency Goal

Show the rubric and/or give them one. Remind them of their proficiency goal on the rubric and what it takes to get it.

Ask them to circle their proficiency goal on the rubric or on the top of their assessment when they get it.



Have them remove all resources.

Give them the assessment (download on main unit page). Go over any parts of it that you want to clarify.

On purpose, intermediate assessments may not have the “planning” part completed on the assessment. This is so THEY can think/plan what they will want to include. Use the lines under the scenario or another paper.

Let them shine!


Give each student the assessment (in download on main unit page). Let them complete the task as a SPEECH or LETTER. Encourage them to pick the one they want they need to develop more.

Read more tips for assessing.


This assessment is very generic so you can adapt it to whichever mode/skill you want to target.


Give each student the assessment (in download on main unit page). Let them complete the task. You can give them the option to make it a VIDEO.

A follow up assessment could be: You made it to the next round! You will have an interview about the issue that you would like to take on…

Find a real contest that you can use to hype it up (they don’t have to actually submit):

CONNECT with NATURE CONTEST (find something similar for your target area)


Reflection: Essential Question

Show the essential questions and have them reflect using resources from the Reflection Day page.

Reflection: Project

There is a list of questions that they could  reflect on based on the work they did with the community.

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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