What makes street art LEGAL or ILLEGAL?

Possible consequences of illegal street art


community service programs

restitution (wash, repair, o replace damaged goods)

local jail or state prison

laws and consequences around the world

– – – for the teacher – – –

Step 1: Introduce Daily Objective

By the end of the class, should be able to discuss laws and consequences regarding street art.

Step 2: Video + Question of the Day

Show the short film: “El Amor es Arte” to set the mood for today’s lesson.

Then discuss the following:

What makes street art legal OR illegal?

Read over this article together about to get a better idea of what makes street art LEGAL or ILLEGAL.

The key is whether or not the artist has permission.


Step 3: Consequences of illegal graffiti

Talk about different possible consequences listed here.

You may want to look up photos in the target language to help them understand.

What are the pros/cons of each consequence? 

Step 4: Independent Reading – Laws and consequences around the world

1.) Click “penalties for graffiti” to read about specific descriptions of consequences in major cities around the world. 

Have them compare them at the end:

Which city has the strictest laws?

Which city has the highest fines?

Which cities are friendliest to street artists?

Step 5: Research LOCAL laws and consequences

Is street art legal or illegal in your town/city?

What are the consequences? 

Do any students have connections to a police officer or city employee that can talk about this?

Challenge students to do their research (city website, police connections, etc.) and share back with the class.

How does their city’s response to street art compare to other cities around the world?

Check for Learning

 Have students show what they learned about laws and consequences of street art and make some comparisons for responses around the world. What do the laws/consequences say about the city’s view of art?

 They can write a few paragraphs OR record a video.

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

Be a problem solver! 

What is an appropriate response to illegal graffiti?

Have students propose a NEW consequence or alternative solution to graffiti problems?

How would it minimize illegal art or encourage legal art?

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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