What types of street foods are popular in other countries?

What does a country’s street food options tell you about their culture?

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unit overview

The main focus of this unit is talking about popular street foods. Learners will be able to order, give opinions, give simple recommendations, and ask and answer basic questions about street foods.

Proficiency Level:

⊕ Novice Mid – Intermediate Low

Length: approximately 10 days

AP Connections

⊕ Contemporary Life

Talking about these topics:

⊕ Pizza, hot dogs, fair foods + other street foods

⊕ main ingredients (meat, vegetables, fruits)

⊕ restaurants, food trucks, street carts

⊕ recipes, reviews, chefs

Using these language skills:

⊕ describing foods

⊕ giving opinions

⊕ understanding reviews

⊕ asking + answering simple questions






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What are popular street foods around the world?

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