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What street foods are popular?

What does a country’s street foods tell you about their culture?

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unit overview

The traditional “food” unit is just too big! We’ve zoomed in to focus on talking about popular street foods. Learners will be able to order, give opinions, give simple recommendations, and ask and answer basic questions about street foods.

Proficiency Range:

⊕ Novice Mid – Intermediate Low

Theme Connections:

⊕ Contemporary Life


Length: ~10 days

Talking about these topics:

⊕ popular street foods in the target cultures (hot dogs, pizza, donuts, etc.)

⊕ main ingredients (meats, veggies, etc.)

⊕ street carts, food trucks & cafes

⊕ reviews

Using these language skills:

⊕ understanding descriptions, menus & reviews

⊕ describing street foods & places

⊕ giving opinions about foods & places to eat

⊕ ordering & asking simple questions






Interpretive Listening

Interpersonal Speaking

Presentational Writing

Presentational Speaking

Interpersonal Speaking

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street foods

places to eat

food trucks

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