What is a state fair?


voice level




Describe a state fair.

What foods are there?

Which ones would you try?


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Hello English Teachers!

We are currently building this lesson. Above we have put what we already have to you can use it now. Below are some things that we are needing so we can make it a complete lesson. Add any of these to the comments below, plus we’d love to know any cultural points we should add.

Targeted Phrases: I’d try that.


  • Download and print the stations. Set them up based on the directions below.

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. See if they can figure it out. Help them by using cognates, actions, or props.

Today students will be able to use their language skills and knowledge of street foods to work in the food industry. 

Video – Minnesota State Fair

Possible follow-up questions: Where is this fair (find on map)? When? What other info did they hear? Has anyone been to a state fair? Where? 

Use the aspects of culture to help describe what they see.


Explain that they will be doing stations to learn more about the state fairs, especially in Minnesota. Tell them their voice level and how long they will get at each station. Use one of the video timers. At the one-minute mark, warn them so they can take down some final notes. They may not complete the task.

To hold them accountable, tell them that they will have to answer an exit slip/question before they leave.


“Suggest” that they take notes of new words/info that they learned (you can use the last page in the download for that. Let them use their notes to complete the exit slip.

Check for Learning

Show the last question. Remind them that they objective for the day was to describe foods from the state fairs. Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Idea

Assign a different state to look at the state fair. Compare what foods are popular/iconic. If they can, also compare the popular activities, events and sights.

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    I may be doing something wrong, but I can’t find the illustrations in the Read and Match activity. I just see the descriptions when I click on the link.

    Thank you!

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