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What do you want to know BEFORE choosing a place to eat?

Match the question to the correct answer.

scenario #1





Paris, France



Il y a des desserts.

scenario #2



camion de nourriture





C’est ouvert tard.

scenario #3





Avignon, France



Il y a la livraison à domicile.

scenario #4





Québec, Canada



C’est pour un groupe de 12.

scenario #5





Montréal, Canada



C’est bon marché.

Where is the best place to eat?


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  • Download and copy a set of Q&A for pairs (they can cut out or you can)
  • Download and copy graphic organizer for each group or student (read directions to decide)
  • If you plan to do stations, set them up

Targeted phrases/words: reason to go, restaurant, food truck, bakery, etc

Daily Objective

This lesson will give students input about restaurants, food stands, and food trucks. By the end of the class, students should be able give their opinion about the best place to eat (at their proficiency level).

Question – Prediction/Collective Knowledge

Ask the question to see what information they’d want to know about a place to eat before going. This is teaching them the skill to make predictions to be prepare for new situations in the target language.

Matching Questions + Possible Answers

Give them the first 2 sheets from the “Matching” download. With a partner, they will cut apart the strips and match the questions with their possible answers. Each question may have more than one answer.

Next go over the answers. Let them check their answers and ask any questions. Remind them that today’s objective is to pick a place to eat. Are there other questions that they want/need to know? Help them with the new phrases that they want to add.

Introduce YELP

See if anyone has ever heard about Yelp. Do they use this app? If so, see if they can explain it in the target language. If not, give a quick explanation about what it is.

Scenarios + Graphic Organizer

Put them in small groups of 4-5. Give each group one graphic organizer.

  1. Each group will get a scenario to find a place to go.
  2. Each person will look on Yelp or the Internet for places. (If you have younger students that you don’t want searching on the Internet, you can find/print these off for them ahead of time. -or- If you have older students that are also learning about food, create this as a task for them to do and curate the resources.)
  3. As a group, they will record the 5 places that they considered. Have them note some basic info (name, location, cuisine, restaurant or food truck or food stand, etc.) and some positive “reasons to go” and negative “reasons to not go” about it that relate to their scenario (open late OR closed on Sunday OR very expensive OR vegan options).
  4. Finally, they will pick one place that best fits the scenario. Tell them to circle/highlight that one on their graphic organizer.
  5. Have them explain why they picked that place over the others.


Option 1/Individual:

  • Project a scenario and let every student find/pick and fill their charts out at the same time (5-10 minutes for each place). After each place you can do a quick recap and let students share the pros/cons.

Option 2/Stations with Groups:

  • Set up 5 stations. Put a different scenario at each one. Let students work through this on their own (5-10 minutes for each station) and they only have to find one place for each scenario. You can sit down with different groups and see how they are doing, ask questions to get them thinking, and make sure they are on track.

Go over the reviews

As a whole class, go through the reviews on the screen (one place at a time). Use the phrases “this review” and “your reasons” so they can start learning those phrases. Ask them to identify any authentic foods/drinks that they see. Ask for some quick opinions or questions they may have.



Create some more detailed scenarios or profiles to change which place would be best.

  • It’s beautiful outside! Pick a place that has outdoor seating for at least 5 people.
  • It’s your friend’s birthday and she really wants pizza.
  • Three of you friends are vegan. Pick a place where they will hae the most options.
  • There’s a large group of you going out. Find a place that can seat 20.
  • Everyone’s on a budget. Where can you get the most for your money?
  • Your friend is going on a date. Where should they go?
  •  It’s a special day for you and your special somone. Pick a place that they would love. (can be boyfriend/girlfriend/mother/etc)
  • No one wants to leave the house. Find a place that will deliver, that is not pizza.

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