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Where do you prefer to eat? Why?

I prefer to eat at a…

place #1

place #2

place #3

place #4

How much could you understand?


Interpretive Focus: This is all about learning the positive/negative phrases to give opinions about places to eat.

Targeted Phrases (to understand): It is… because, positive phrases, negative phrases


  • Download and print “reviews” chart.

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. See if they can figure it out. Help them by using cognates, actions, or props.


Show the question.

Where do you prefer to eat? Why?

Have them answer it on their own or with a partner. Ask the class to share their thoughts and take a poll.


Give them the “reviews” chart. 

Show the Yelp reviews one by one. Let them on their own try to figure out and categorize as many words/phrases as they can. 

Now let them compare what they found with a partner.

Finally go over what they found as a class. Ask them (in target language) for a word/phrase to put under “positive reviews.” Then add to it.

Another option is to draw this chart on large paper and put it on the wall/bulletin board. They can add to it. If there are any really good words that they missed, point them out and show them where to add it. 

This is a great way to let them figure out the vocabulary on their own.

Yelp reviews:

Overview of Paris (picked à emporter food because it’s like takeaway since we were looking for street food.) 

#1 Paris:
# 2 Montréal: (famous poutine restaurant from earlier)
#3 – Nice (Includes socca from earlier unit):
#4 – Bruges, Belgium –
#5 – Rennes, France –

Learning Check

Since this is focused on the interpretive, let it be a self-reflection of how much they understood. The next lesson will build on this one.

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