BIENVENIDOS from Kara Parker and Megan Smith from Creative Language Class! We know how hard it is to move away from the textbook and toward a more communicative language class. For years we have been saying how helpful it would be if there was a resource to support our district in our transition to proficiency. Nine years later, we decided to create it. This site is here to support teachers like you who are ready to take a leap, but also want to save time.

Different people need different things. Here’s how AdiósTextbook can help you or your teachers.


You are dedicated and ambitious! It’s easy to work all hours of the day lesson planning and scouring Pinterest for new ideas. Adios Textbook will give you a foundation for your classes and a guide to get started. You’ll have lessons prepared for your units but you can still add in your new and exciting ideas! The first years aren’t easy – but having resources makes it a lot easier.

For those NEW to proficiency

You are open-minded and ready for a change! You already know how to teach, but you want to increase your students’ ability to communicate on the spot. You are looking for complete units and lessons so you can see how it all works from A to Z. AdiosTextbook will be a guide as you make the transition.

For teachers with multiple preps

You are a multi-task extraordinaire (usually doing it all as a department of one)!  Even though department meetings are easy, planning is a constant challenge. AdiosTextbook has a variety of units and we’re adding more throughout the year. All lessons have communicative goals for each lesson for students to meet at their own proficiency level. This means you can use the same lesson for different levels. That’s one way to conquer planning for that split 3/4 level class.

For the culture lovers

You like to engage your students with target cultures from the moment they enter class. However, FINDING a good authentic resource can be a challenge! Let us help you with curated videos, websites, articles, memes, messages from social media, and photos. Preview them and decide which you will use or use them all! We’ve also included follow-up activities that are natural communicative tasks that continue the learning and keep class in the target language

For the veteran teacher

You’re a pro! You have taught just about every unit and level in your career and have survived to tell the tale. You have cabinets full of resources, strategies, and activities that makes your colleagues green with envy! You are always looking for new and exciting ways to help students learn and add some excitement to your classes without spending endless hours behind your computer screen.

No matter who you are or how long you’ve been teaching, anyone can use a little support. Let AdiosTextbook take care of some of the planning and prep so you focus your energy on the most important thing – your students!