Comment est-ce que d’autres cultures célèbrent les anniversaires?

Comment ça se compare à ma tradition?

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The main focus is talking about traditional birthday parties. This shows ages, birthdays, dates and places in context. The birthday celebration can be altered to the ages of your learners.

Proficiency Level:

⊕ Novice Mid – Novice High


approximately 10-15 days


⊕ Families & Communities

Talking about these topics:

   ⊕ birthday parties

   ⊕ dates and times of events

   ⊕ gifts, decorations and activities

Using these language skills:

⊕ giving basic information (dates, places, ages, colors, etc)

⊕ giving simple opinions

⊕ inviting






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resources + lesson ideas

Since this is a Planner Unit, we want to begin curating resources and ideas for you to build your own lessons. Some resources may be in other languages to give you an idea of what to look for.

Unit Resources

Optional items you may want:

    • Balloons
    • Decorations (Happy Birthday banner)
    • Birthday cards in French
    • Plastic spoons
    • Gift bags
    • Books about birthdays
    • Rubber stamps (cake, balloon, etc)
    • Dice or coins

    Birthday Wishes and Songs

    Lesson Idea:

    • Bring in instruments and let them sing/play the song.




    Extend this lesson by doing “I can pick a birthday gift for someone.

    • ages
    • relationships (friend, sister, dad, etc)
    • preferences

    Birthday Items + Decorations

    Extension/Sub Lesson Idea:

    • Listen to a how-to video and make it.

    Party Preferences

    Birthday Traditions

    This could be made into a sub plan. 

    Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


    1. Angela Leiding

      Talking about members of family: (there are questions off the the side of the video)

    2. Erin Juergens

      Working on this via the Spanish version…can you share how you find tweets or other social media posts featuring what you’re emphasizing? For example, you have several that have a date written out. Do you search for these somehow or just save them when you come across them? Merci!

      • Kara Parker

        I search for them using REALLY specific keywords I want to target. So for the birthday ones, I used a combination of “cumpleanos” and “enero.” Then I switched the month. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss.

    3. Michele Credeld

      Dear Kara & Megan, I Frenchified the Mensajes-Personajes handout, would it be helpful/ok to link it here? Thanks:)

      • Kara Parker

        Nice! I put it as an additional resource under the same video in Senegal (France). It could be interesting to compare them.

    4. Loni Mallaber

      I love this video from Trotro for birthdays. I use a lot of Trotro videos, and even my native speakers love it because they watched them as kids.

      • Kara Parker

        Thanks Loni! I haven’t heard of Trotro before. Super cute.


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