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Quels sont

les cadeaux d’anniversaire

 populaires ?

les vêtements

les livres

les jeux

les bonbons

les articles

de sport

les billets

les produits électroniques

les décorations

les jouets

les produits cosmétiques

Quel est

le cadeau

le plus populaire ?

Quel est le cadeau le plus cher🤑 ?

Quel est le plus économique🪙 ?

Quel est le 🥇meilleure🥇 cadeau ?

Quel est le 🫤pire🫤 cadeau ?

Quelle est ton opinion sur ces cadeaux ?

< < < pour les professeurs > > >

Focus Phrases: I love, like, not for me             Focus Vocabulary: popular gifts

Materials Needed:

  • Optional: gift bags or gift boxes (see directions below)


Download & print a “notes” sheet for each student.

Download & print a “poll” sheet for each student. 

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective.


Ask the question of the day to see what they already know.

Popular Gifts – Pictures

Give each student a note sheet. 

Show the first gift – clothes. This is the time for them to hear you say the word, so say it as many times as you can. Ask if they love/like/not for them. Have them write down both the name of the gift and their opinion. Repeat for the rest of the gifts.

Give some examples using proper nouns to get them engaged. Example: For the tickets, mention tickets for a concert (Taylor Swift), a sports team, a new movie, or a theme park (local or Disney Land). This might change their minds!

At the end, have them rank the gifts by writing 1, 2, 3, etc next to each picture.

If they are at a novice high level or higher, you can also add extra quesitions.

  • What are some popular brands or types?
  • Is it expensive? How much is it?
  • Did you like this when you were little?
  • Why do/don’t you like it?

Variation: Popular Gifts – Three Corners

Put up signs in 3 corners to represent three different opinions (love, like, not for me). Show a picture and say what it is. Then they go to the corner to represent their opinion.

Give them the note sheet and go through the pictures one more time so they can write it down.

Variation: Popular Gifts – Gift Bags/Boxes

This takes a little prep, but could be a nice “fun factor” to do.

Get 10 gift bags and/or gift boxes. In each one, put items (actual thing, pictures, etc) in each one. Put a label on or in each one with the word in French. They can walk around and open each gift to fill out their notes.

Additional Reading

Use the links to look at some more gifts. They may want to add words to their note sheet.

Poll the Class

What is the more popular gift… based on the opinions of the class? Give each student a poll sheet. Let them ask everyone what their opinion is of the one they have.

Then go over their results. Have them line up based on how many people “love” the gift from the most to the least. Repeat with “like” and “not for me.”


Wrap up the lesson by asking the questions. See if they can answer without their notes.

Vocabulary Sheet (optional)

At the end of the lesson, give them some time to add new words to this “Unit Vocabulary” sheet. Ask them to write down the 5 or so most important words they need to complete today’s objective in the “gifts” section. They can add words to the other sections as well.

They may pick different words and that’s ok. You may need to do this with them the first few times to build this skill (evaluating what’s important).

Check for Learning

See if they can give their opinion about a few gifts at their proficiency target.

Option: Have them get a half sheet of paper and number 1-3. Randomly choose a picture and click on it. Ask them to give their opinion. Repeat 2 more times. 

Extension Ideas

  • Recommend if there are any “experiences” to do.
  • Play the “Got It Game” using the gifts.

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