Qu’est-ce que

tu as à

une fête d’anniversaire ?

As-tu des

ballons ?

As-tu des

décorations ?

As-tu des

gâteaux ?

As-tu des

bougies ?

As-tu des

jeux ?

As-tu des

cadeaux ?

Qu’est-ce que

tu as à

une fête d’anniversaire ?


que tu as?

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  • Download/print “Items” – choose the pictures OR the icons.
    • Print a sheet for each student.
    • Cut the images apart. (They can do this)

Step 1: Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective.

Ask them “What items do you see at a birthday party?” See what they can already say in the language.

Is there a difference between parties depending on the age?

Step 2: Video

Show the video. Then ask the questions and show again. Discuss the questions. They may see one of the items that they are researching.

Step 3: Items

Obviously there are many other items at a birthday party, but this lesson only has 6 to keep it simple. Add more items if you want.

Show the first picture (balloons). Ask “Do you have balloons?” (at a birthday party).

You could do a “vote with your feet”: Yes move to one side of room / No on the other side.

Extention: Ask them to describe the items. Possible answers: formes – couleurs – tailles – matériaux (constitués) – motifs – thèmes. You can help them by asking if they prefer X or Y. (Do you prefer RED balloons or BLUE balloons?)

Continue with the other pictures.

The last question asks again what is at a birthday party. See if they can list what they just learned. 

Extension: There’s a link to Party City if you want to look at more.

Step 4: Do you have…?

There are lots of ways to play this game. Click “Read more” below to decide how you want to do it.

Grammar Extension for Intermediates: Pictures of Parties

You can use these photos to give examples of descriptions using noun/adjective agreement.

Vocabulary Sheet (optional)

At the end of the lesson, give them some time to add new words to this “Unit Vocabulary” sheet. Ask them to write down the 5 or so most important words they need to complete today’s objective in the “objects and decorations” section. They can add words to the other sections as well.

They may pick different words and that’s ok. You may need to do this with them the first few times to build this skill (evaluating what’s important).

Check for Learning

Randomly select 3 decorations or one of the photos. They will describe at least one in as much detail as possible. Or you can let them choose one. Assess this with the proficiency rubric.


Show the 4 photos. You describe them and they identify which one your are describing.

Extension Ideas

Create a decoration by following a “how-to” tutorial video in French.

Add colors and/or other descriptions for higher proficiency levels. Example: “Large red balloons”

Play 30 Seconds. Allow them to use their graphic organizers (or not!). Pair the students up (or put in groups). Give each pair one set of the decoration cards cut apart (in download and from previous lesson). They will pull a card, describe that decoration without using any of the words in its name and their teammate(s) guess.

Play “Got It Game” with the pictures.

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