Bienvenue au Club!

This page will show you how to talk about books and authors.

Bonne lecture!


Skim through this list of top 10 book. Pick 2 of the books to summarize. Click on the author’s name to learn more about him/her.

le titre, le genre, le lieu, l’époque, les personnages, l’auteur (nationalité, prix, né(e) à) et plus

Now look at the “critiques” of these books.

What words do you see in the reviews? General information? Positive phrases? Negative phrases? Make a list of new words you learned.


Watch a few videos to get some more new words to describe and review a book. What words/phrases can you pick out? Practice repeating aloud some of the phrases.


Read a new book, any book! Then describe it in French.

There are some recommendations. 

Ideas to find new books:

Ask friends on social media.

Download an ebook or online book. See what your local libary offers.

Ask your neighbors (NextDoor) or check “Little Libraries.”

l’évaluation: le Club de Lecture

Create an introduction video.

Imagine you just joined a virtual book club. The organizer sends you the questions you will be discussing in advance, so that you are less nervous during your first virtual hangout. Choose any book, then answer the questions at your proficiency level. Familiarize yourself with the questions and rehearse your answers so that you can get the most from the experience.

1. What connections can you make from the book to movies, news events, other texts, your own life, etc.?

2. Describe which of the characters remind you of yourself, friends, or family members? 

3. If your book has a main character, does he/she change over the course of the text? If so, why and how?

4. Where does the story take place and what the place is like?

5. Did this book make you laugh? Cry? Cringe? Smile? Cheer? Explain.

Option 1:

Record a video of yourself answering the questions or something similar in French.


Option 2:

Find a partner, interview each other using the questions or something similar in French.

Option 3:

Meet with the organizer (your teacher) to have an online conversation with a small group.


Create your profile page!

Create one of the following to pesonalize the header image on your profile page.

  • Dress up as a character.
  • Stage a photo of your favorite book. Think about what you will include with your book.
  • Represent a book in a painting/drawing/mixed media to set as your header. This could be a character, the setting, literal or abstract.
  • Create a collage board with a line or paragraph from your favorite book.
  • Create a new book cover for your favorite book.