les collations

Il existe deux types de collations:



Classez les collations suivantes.
Salé ou sucré?

les fruits

le yaourt

la barre

les chips

les noix

les bonbons

les légumes

les biscuits

le pop-corn

la glace

Voyons plus.

Let’s focus on just chips for a bit. There are so many unique flavors!

#1: Create your own chart with the categories below.

#2: Click the links below to see different chip flavors.

#3: Write the flavors (in French) under the category based on if you would eat it or not. Pick at least 5 from each site.

#4: Finally, describe your top 3 choices for best and worst flavors.

Comme c’est délicieux! Je le mangerais.

Je pourrais le manger.

C’est dégoûtant! Je n’en mangerais pas.


Create a video of yourself and/or a friend trying different snacks. Try to include some from other countries.

Give a quick description of the snack and then give your opinion in French.



Explain how companies are to other cultures through their choices of snack flavors? Give specific examples to support your answer.