Quelles cuisines de rue sont populaires dans ta région ?

les crêpes

les crêpes sucrées

les crêpes salées

Quels sont les ingrédients les plus intéressants ?

Lequel est le plus savoureux pour toi ?

Lequel n’est pas savoureux pour toi ?

Quelles descriptions entends-tu?





Donne ton avis sur 2 crêpes.


Targeted Phrases: It has, The ingredients are, sweet, savory


  • Download and print “ingredients vocabulary chart” for each student.
  • Download and print four corner signs. This lesson uses the generic “love, like, don’t like, don’t know” signs, but you can use any set that you want.

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. See if they can figure it out. Help them by using cognates, actions, or props.


See what they think to start the conversation and activate prior knowledge. Ask the class to share their thoughts.


Crepes are one of the most common street foods in French-speaking countries (and one of the most popular). Use the image to give a basic description of what a crepe is (the fillings, sauces, etc). Explain that they are sweet and savory. Use the Wikipedia article if you want more information.

When something is really great – people like to talk about it. Let’s look at the video and social media to see what people are saying about crepes.

Give students a minute or so to read over some of the tweets. According to these tweets, do you think these people like crepes or love them?

Note: These tweets are by natives speakers, but there may be typos or errors.


Explain you’re going to show them a restaurant that is famous for serving lots of different types of crepes.

Click the first link to go to the restaurant menu to look at all the different types of crepes.

Go to an “easy” crepe on there that uses cognates or has pictures.

Model for them how you would fill out the chart… (like talking to yourself in the target language).

  • This crepe, I see it has spinach. That is a vegetable so I’ll write it here. (Write it in the “vegetable” category.)

Continue this. Also model for them how to look up a word if you think it should go on the chart, but you don’t know it.

Other links:

Think – Pair – Share

Give them a vocabulary chart and a website (menu or article) to to do the same thing you just did.

Partner up the students. Give them 5-10 minutes to discuss with each other what they have on their lists. 

Afterwards, create a class “list” of types of meats, vegtables, fruits and other ingredients found in crepes on a piece of butcher paper on the wall.

*If your students can handle more, you could go through the menu again and look for adjectives that describe the crepes.

Variation: Give different menus/articles to each student. Have students partner up with someone that has a different list so they can talk about their research. Ring a bell or some make a sound and tell them to find another partner and repeat. Do this a few times until they have completed their forms.

Discussion with Four Corners

This will work on giving simple opinions and let them see the “crêpe avec…” structure more. Put up the Four Corner signs (in download) in different corners of the room. Show the first “crepe” image. Ask them how it seems to them. They will go to that sign/corner to represent their opinions. To extend the activity, ask them to quickly discuss as a group why they choose that answer and to report back. Then move on to the next image.

Optional: Add more combos using cognates or words that they know. You can do a quick drawing on the board to help with comprehension.


The next lesson will be about describing street foods using the graphic organizer posted here.

You may want to use/introduce the “it seems” phrase during the 4 corners activity.


Listening: Videos

Show the video to see if they cn pick out the descriptions of the crepes as he reviews them. You could have them write on a dry-erase board and pause after each crepe.


Below the video the 4 categories are there again. Use this as a game or comprehension check.

Check for Learning

Show the last section. Remind them of the daily objective and their proficieny target. Now have them describe crepes.

Check for Learning

Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

Give them the Wikipedia page and have them write trivia questions about crepes.

Look up more info about Nutella. It’s nutty how popular it is!

Using the Flags or other system you prefer, assign a region/country to partners (or they can do this individually at home). Let them find a crepe restaurant in the region/country that they were assigned. Plus they can add more words to their categorized notes. When time is up, have them do a quick share with the class: Which crepe seemed the most interesting or delicious to them?

Create an original crepe that blends different regions or cultures.

Je peux parler de crêpes (more resources)

Video: https://youtu.be/fKFaPfjOsJk (Very understandable even for lower levels – includes cooking crepes and telling traditions

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


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