Jouons aux devinettes !

face avant

face verso


Targeted Phrases: Question Words


  • index cards or cut paper

Trivia (This could be a sub plan or extension)

First, put them with a partner give them 4 notecards (or tear a paper in fourths). They will write one trivia question on each card.  Show the example. To get a variety of questions, you can assign a different food to each pair. Adjust this to do groups if you prefer. This is also good practice for them to learn how to write questions.

Collect all the cards.

Then create teams by grouping up students with opposite lists of street food. (Teams of 2 or 4 work well).

Ask a question and read the possible answers. They write the answers on dry-erase boards or you can set it up like trivia nights (they write it down and bring it up to you). They can use their notes during the game for help if they need it!

Adapt this however you want!

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