Décrivons notre école.

repas scolaire

matières scolaires



salles de classe

emploi de temps

types d’écoles


Les ____ sont



par example…

Dans l’ensemble, cette école est

similaire à

différente de

mon école.

Compare deux écoles.


Targeted Phrases: We have… They have… more… less… + other superlatives and comparisons


  • Download and print 2 “compare schools chart” for each person. Read the instructions below because you might want more charts depending on how many times you use it.

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. This will be building on the previous lesson.


Put them in small groups (3 to 4 people). Show the question and have them come up with a description of your school. If needed, scroll down a bit to remind them of the points that you used in the previous lesson to describe.

Ask the class to share their thoughts. Idea: Put up a large piece of paper and create a school description as a class.


Before you show the video, give a short introduction of it using simplified language.

Tell them to listen/watch for information specifically about this school so they can compare it to their own. Remind them of the aspects they used in the previous lesson to describe.

Stop the video along the way to make comparisons based on the aspects that students came up with earlier.

Ask “yes/no” and “this or that” questions and “explain” follow-ups:

  • The classroom… Is it similar or different to ours? What is in common? 
  • Do they go to school  by bus or walk?


Give everyone a comparison chart. Have them fill this in like a Venn Diagram. When they are finished, go over what they wrote together. Variation: This could also be done with a partner.

Give a short demo on how to compare the schools. How they compare the schools depends on their proficiency level and what you want to target. The examples here are targeting similar/different, but you can add more.

If they need more practice, repeat these two steps with the article. Use a new comparison chart.

Research & Present

Each student will select a school (they can use the ones they researched in the previous lesson or another from different countries). They will need a new new comparison chart to fill out.

If you create separate categories on google slides/padlet for them to put their pictures/links, you could do something similar to this lesson: https://www.adiostextbook.com/spanish/casas/diferencias-hogares/

Repeat as many times as you want with new partners. They will just need a new chart.

Check for Learning

They can do a short video or writing that summarizes what they already did and compares the schools to their own. This could be assessed with a proficiency rubric for feedback.

Mark/stamp their objective sheets if they can accomplish the lesson objective at their proficiency level.

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

Reference any relevant options on the “Experiences/Homework Sheet.”

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


  1. mmecoldiron

    The link for Le Monde article above about schools in Denmark is broken, and you have to have a subscription to read the full article on Le Monde anyways. If you’re interested in still using the idea of it, here are two other options:

    Mini article + video – https://carrefour-education.qc.ca/videos_commentees/danemark_les_forets_sont_des_salles_de_classe
    Different mini article + different video – https://www.brut.media/fr/international/danemark-la-foret-pour-salle-de-classe-8f9fb4a3-75f1-4dbe-b175-f91e87453290

    • Megan Smith

      Thanks for letting us know. Looks like it’s now protected. We appreciate you sharing those replacement options! That’s awesome of you!

  2. Hunter May

    I looked for several minutes for other videos — school in france vs s. korea, suiss, germany — but the videos were either not interesting or the speech too rapid, content too detailed. Also, often, students were speaking and used vulgar words…not easy! If you find another video comparing school systems, let me know and I’ll review it.

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