descriptions: lieu hanté




du froid













odeur désagréable


















L’endroit le plus hanté

à mon avis est …

< < < pour le professeur > > >

Targeted Phrases: (descriptions)


  • Download and print “vocabulary” and “descriptions” for each student
  • Print sets of articles or give them access to the links (class website)

Daily Objective

Introduce the objective. By the end, they will know about some haunted places in other countries and be able to talk about them (describe and give opinion).

This is also giving them some practice describing a setting to prepare them for the “summarize a legend” lesson.


As a group, make a list of factors/descriptions/features to describe a haunted place. Use the sheet to categorize them by senses (“taste” was left off and “feeling” was added). Note: There are lots of ways to say “scary.” A really good description makes you feel like you are there.

There is a list of words there to categorize if you want to use those.


Look through the options for the articles. Share (print or give link) the ones you want with them. Have them skim through them to find more words to add to their vocabulary sheet or to identify the ones listed above.

Tip: Use to get rid of the ads.

Suggestion: Let them work with a partner. Then you’ll only need a few copies of each article that they can pass around. You may want to number the articles so they know which ones they have seen or not.


Watch videos. You can choose which ones and how much to watch. Stop after each place to talk about them. Slow the speech to 75% and use CC (if available) if needed.

Note for 2nd video: Speech is impromptu spoken French, not always well enunciated a a bit rapid in spots. Students can use CC if they view in YouTube. Some of the transcriptions are odd because, as noted, the spoken French is not always clear.

Note for 3rd video – Le Manoir: Visuals of the old house are good, but the language is difficult.

1. Describe the place. Give starter phrases if needed. It looks… It smells…

2. Give opinion of place.

*** = this place is terrifying / I’d never sleep there

** = this place is kind of spooky

** = this place is nothing special / That’s cute

Want to add movement? Could do three corner variation as well.

Revise List

Revisit the first list. Add more to it based on what they saw in the videos and articles.

Describe/Guess with Photos

Option 1: They get a partner. Show the 6 photos. One partner describes the place. The other guesses which one. Then switch roles.

Option 2: One partner is facing the board and can see the photos. Click the photo to enlarge it so they can only see one. They describe the picture to their partner. Their partner draws it (dry-erase board or paper). Set a time limit and see who drew it most like the original. 

Check for Learning

See what they learned from today’s class. Refer back to the objective. Can they talk about haunted places at their proficiency target?

Use the final prompt as a writing or speaking.

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

They make a haunted house/place.

  • Cake or Gingerbread. See “Halloween Baking Championship” – Gingerdead Houses or google “Haunted House Cakes” in TL. 
  • Write a review of a local haunted house. Include a detailed description and opinion.