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Step 1: Share Daily Objective

This goal is to recognize some health promotions that companies are using in their advertisements. 

Can they figure out the main idea from watching different commercials from the target culture?


Step 2: Question of the day

What can we all do to be healthier? 

Let students say what they already know in a group share, make a list, or talk with a partner.

Step 3: Four ways to be a little healthier

 Use the screens to walk through info about each of the 4 types of health promotions. 

There is info and images to help this be comprehensible to most students. You may want to dig deeper or keep it simple based on your students proficiency levels. 

 Descriptions and stats founds on the website: https://www.who.int/

Exercise/physical activity – Source: https://www.who.int/es/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/physical-activity

Big ideas – All teens should get 60 mins of activity every day.  Find different things you like to do to stay active! 

What is their favorite physical activities?  


 Better ingredients (more natural foods):  https://www.who.int/nutrition/topics/5keys_healthydiet/en/

Big idea – eating whole foods and fresh foods are most healthy and important to eat a variety!

You can point to and call out the food and let students raise their hands if they eat them regularly.   

Challenge them to try a new fruit or vegetable this week! 


Small portion sizes: (calorie recommendations: https://www.eatright.org/food/nutrition/dietary-guidelines-and-myplate/how-many-calories-does-my-teen-need)

Big Idea: We all need different amounts of food/drink based on our activity level. If you’re more active, you may need to consume more calories. If you’re less active, you may need to consume less. We don’t always NEED the KING SIZE, SUPER SIZE, JUMBO… choose wisely!  


 Less additives:

Some additives are good and have been for a long time (salt, beet juice for coloring, etc.) Others can have negative effects on health when over consumed. 

How many of the foods you regularly eat/drink have FOOD DYES, TRANS FATS, or HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP?

It’s good to be aware and limit our diet of too many additives and eat more fresh/natural foods.  


Step 4: Watch videos + identify health promotion

How is each company/product promoting better health? 

Group students with a partner or small group. 
Show the first video. 

Let them decide what message the company is trying to send with their commercial. 

Less additives/smaller portions/better ingredients/more exercise


Step 5: Check for learning

What are the 4 ideas for living a healthier life that were talked about today? 

Give them a minute or two to talk them out with a partner.

Extension Ideas: Assign one OR let students pick one to do over the next few days. 

1.) Find their own health promotion commercial in the target language. 

2.) Have students look into additives like food dyes in the foods/drinks they consume for a day. Have them write down or take pictures of labels and bring back to class. 

3.)  Do a fruit/vegetable 7-day challenge. Can they try a new one each day? 

4.) Research companies that now offers a variety of portion sizes. 

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


  1. Megan Smith

    French Teachers – I’d really like to add more commercials to this lesson! Can anyone recommend a good commercial? (in French about a food/drink that fits of the 4 messages above – more exercise, less additives, small portion sizes, better ingredients) Collaboration is key in building more French lessons – thank you all for sharing!

  2. Lydia Mills

    “Deux meilleurs ingrédients” should read “de meilleurs ingrédients”. Also, the question in the exercise infographic doesn’t work – “combien d’activité physique recommandé-t’on?”. Perhaps “combien de temps devrait-on consacrer à l’exercice physique ?” or “combien de temps est conseillé pour l’exercice physique ?” Thanks for all of your incredible work!

    • Megan Smith

      Hi, Lydia! I appreciate your feedback and I’ll work on changes today. Which is better… “DE meilleurs ingrédients” or “DES meilleurs ingrédients”?

    • Megan Smith

      Lydia – I believe I’ve made all the changes you suggested. Take another peek through the lesson and see if it’s correct now?


  3. Meredith Beard
  4. Meredith Beard

    For Quel est ton activité préférée, it should be Quelle, since activité is feminine.

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