Schau dir die folgenden offiziellen Trailer an. Ordne die Serienbeschreibung dem richtigen Trailer zu.

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Preview Trailers to use for this lesson 

Each school’s climate and expectations are unique. Use good judgement with which trailers you choose to show.

Many of the MOST popular series around the world include inappropriate content for a school setting. Below are options that are possibilities for school, but you should preview them and choose the best trailers for your lessons. Our motto: Play it safe! 

Parallels: (TV-14) 

Nailed it Germany (TV-14) 

Professor T (TV ___)

Das Tier (TV-PG) :

Lost in Space (TV-PG)

Sing-On Germany: (TV-G)

Loki (TV-14)



  • Download and print 

Step 1: Introduce the Daily Objective

By the end of this class, students should be able to read and understand some descriptions and other info about new series. 

(The expectations need to be at their proficiency level.  Some students will come into this lessons as streaming EXPERTS and others will know less. This background knowledge in their first language plays a role in how much they are able to understand and produce at the end of this lesson. This is an intro lesson – they will build vocab and content knowledge throughout the unit! )

Step 2: Video

Show the Disney+ commercial

Television is full of stories and shows for everybody!

Today they will get to preview some new streaming series from around the world.



Step 3: Descriptions

Give students a copy of the descriptions (digital or paper copy).

Give them 2-3 minutes to skim over the paper BEFORE watching the trailers. 

Step 4: Watch Trailers

Show trailers one at a time.

Then challenge them to find the correct series description to match the trailer they just watched.

Have the write the name of the series under the correct description.

Have them highlight or circle key words that helped them make their guess. 

After watching ALL the trailers, share the correct answers. 

How many could they guess correctly?


Step 5: Genres

Show the genres and let students try to figure out which ones go with each series above. 

This give learners a chance to see genres and hear you say them as you discuss which shows match the correct set.



Check for Learning

 Where they able to understand basic info about a new show? Let them self-evaluate this one! 

If they feel they were successful reading and connecting descriptions and genres to the new series – have them initial their own objective sheet.




If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

Encourage them to start looking at the options on their “Series” unit experiences.

Which ones look most interesting? What do they want to learn more about?


Have a question? a great idea? a resource to share?

Let us know!


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