Eine Naturkatastrophe ist eine natürlich entstandene Veränderung der Erdoberfläche oder der Atmosphäre, die auf Lebewesen und insbesondere den Menschen und seine Lebensweise verheerende Auswirkungen hat. – Wikipedia.org

Beschreiben Sie eine Naturkatastrophe.

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Input: Reading articles & watching videos about the worst natural disasters. This lesson will limit to target culture countries and to last decade.

Output: Giving basic information like what disaster, happened when and where, plus some simple details like how many injured and the damage.

Culture: Aware of natural disasters that affect target culture countries, geography (countries, oceans, mountains, etc)


  • Download/print/copy “Chart” for each person
  • Optional: map and sticky notes

Step 1: Daily Objective

Introduce what they will be able to do after today’s lesson.

Step 2: Sort Vocabulary

In small groups, ask them to categorize the different types of natural disasters. They may need to look some words up. They may also add more if they know others.

Show the answers next. These are two very general classifications (meteorological or geosismic). I’m finding they may fall into a different category depending on the circumstance.

Step 3:

Pass out the chart/graphic organizer.

Play the first video. Afterwards, fill out as much information as possible about the disaster. Put a sticky note on a wall map to show them where it happened. Then go to the links to find out more and to complete the chart. Repeat with the next one.

Note: Swap out the disasters if there is one that is more relevant or recent.

Independent Option: Do one as an example together on the graphic organizer.

Step 4: Research

Assign pairs or small groups, give another graphic organizer, assign a country or area for them to find 2 (or more) major natural disasters have happened there.

Idea to assign a country: Banderas

This will lead into a “compare” lesson next.

Option: Have them gather their information on a Padlet.com.

Formative Assessment

If you do not have them research, have them choose one of the natural disasters and describe it.

If they researched, have them describe what they learned about. Let them add a sticky note to the map with that disaster.

Extension: Use the chart for seasons to relate back to what season the weather ones happen.


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