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Aufgabe: Find basic information about parks. 



1: Watch the videos.

2: Find information about 4 parks in other countries.

3: Welchen Park würdest Du gerne besuchen? Warum?


Finde deinen Park

Name des Parks




Sachen zum Bringen 

Was ist zu tun?

Was ist zu sehen?



Aufgabe: Discover new parks.


Read the article.

Create a video of your opinion of each activity.

Download and print the graphic organizer or copy on your own paper.

Tier Nr. 1

Vervollständigen Sie die Grafik mit Informationen zum Luchse mithilfe von Artikeln und Videos. →

Tier Nr. 2

Vervollständigen Sie die Grafik mit Informationen zum Bartgeier mithilfe von Artikeln und Videos. →

Du bist dran…

Aufgabe: Research an animal.


Spin the wheel.

Look for an awesome animal from this class.

Investigate and describe it (refer to the graphic organizer previously used).

Create an infographic or listicle (an article that is a list) about this animal.

Create a catchy title. Examples:

Dinge, von denen dir niemand erzählt hat …

Fünf Geheimnisse über …

Erstaunliche Fakten über …

Warum solltest du dich fürchten …

Share your work with your classmates.

Aufgabe #1: Guess the animal.


Find a partner.

Person A: Secretly an animal. Write it down, but don’t show your partner. Start the 30-second timer.

Person B: Ask yes/no questions about the animal in German to see if you can guess which animal your partner picked in that time limit.

Switch Roles.

Aufgabe #2: Guess the animal.


Play the Akinator game (app or website:

Select the language “Deutsch.”

Switch on the “Jugendschutz-Modus” to say “activ.”

Click on “Speilen” to play.

Select the “Tieren” topic and answer his questions.

Get him to guess 5 animals that you pick.

Create a list of the new words you found during the game.


# 1 JAGUAR: knurren = growl, Krallen = claws, runden = round, Streifen = stripes, hinterhältig = sneaky

Aufgabe: Compare the challenges.


Step 1: For each challenge, write down the causes and solutions. Use information from articles, videos, and research.

Step 2: This is your opinion … Put the challenges in order according to the urgency of making a change. Explain why you put them in this order.

Mit welchen Problemen beschäeftigen sich Parks?







Aussterben der Tiere

Aufgabe: Create a timeline.


Watch the video below. Create a timeline of what they saw and did in the parks.

Erster Tag

Sie betraten den Yosemite Park.

Aufgabe: Describe your own experience in a park.


Create a vlog of your experience in a park (local, state, national, etc.). Explain what you saw and did.

Aufgabe: Fragen

Click on the link to see the questions. →

Complete one of the options below.  ↓

Option 1:

Record a video of yourself answering the questions in German at your proficiency target.


Option 2:

Find a partner, interview each other using the questions in German at your proficiency target.

Option 3:

Meet with your teacher to have an online conversation (may be a group or individual) to discuss the questions at your proficiency target.


Aufgabe: Reflect!

Think about all that you’ve learned this unit… culture, language, content, and more!

Fill out the reflection sheet on your progress.

Problems facing parks: