Was sind die Vorteile von Parks?

Welchen Park würdest du gerne besuchen? Warum?

Hast du jemals einen Park besucht?

Welcher Park ist am



Wieviele Parks hast du schon besuchst?

Bevorzugst du einen Park im Winter oder Sommer zu besuchen. Erkläre!

Was magst du im Park machen?

Was magst du im Park gerne sehen?

Welches Tier würdest du gerne im Park sehen?

Mit welchen Problemen beschäftigen sich Parks?

Hat deine Stadt genügend Parks? Dein Bundesland? Dein Land?

Welches Problem ist das Wichtigste deiner Meinung nach?

Sollte die Regierung Nationalparks unterstützen?

Welche Arbeitsplätze gibt es in Naturparks?

Welche Park Arbeit ist am


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This lesson can be even more impactful if you plan a guest speaker to answer the questions.

Read more:  “The Guestbook” mini-PD


  • None (but read through the instructions to see if you want to add some of the variations)

Step 1: Daily Objective

By the end of the class learners should be able to invite a friend to watch or play a sport at their proficiency target.


These questions cover a variety of topics that they learned about during this unit. There are several ways to set this up.

Show one question at a time. Let them discuss.

Pair them up with partners or small groups. Option: Quick Seats

QA Videos / Interpretive (spoken discussion)

Show any parts of these videos.


What’s the purpose of the interview? What are they asking? What phrases or words would you like to add to your questions?


What can you infer about these people? Where are they from? What are their jobs/passions?


What unique perspectives do they provide? Based on their answers, what do you have in common? What is different?

Asking questions / Native Speaker Experience

What question would they ask a native speaker (park ranger, naturalist, hiker, etc) about parks? Let them brainstorm with a partner or small group and jot down words or phrases they might need.

Challenge them to find their own native speaker to ask some questions. This addresses the “Community” standard and could count on their “Experiences” sheet. Discuss how they will share what they find out.

Check for Learning

Can learners ask and answer quesitons about parks at their proficiency level?

Stamp their sheet if they can!

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

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