Wo kaufst du deine Schulsachen? Wie viel haben sie gekostet?

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Shopping for German School Supplies#2

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Step 1: Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective.

Step 2: Question

See where they shop for their school supplies. This answer requires only proper nouns, so Novices should be able to do it easily. Intermediates can add a little more like explaining more details.

Step 3: Input 

https://www.globus.de/de/home.html – Does this have an online part?

Visit the Real,- website. Search for school supplies. 

Together as a class, complete the graphic organizer about the prices. (will update to German) At the end, convert the euros to your currency.

Compare – Do items cost more or less?

Extra background information: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_(Handelskette)

Step 4: Schultüte

Show video 1 to introduce what a Schultüte is. At any time, stop the video to give clarifying information and ask questions.

Video 2 – She talks about what’s inside.

Video 3 – Show a bit of the “how to” parts. This will be to lead into the next part…

Step 5: Practice & Make Schultüte

Put them in small groups. Then assign them a “student profile” to shop for school items and treats to put in their Schultüte. Idea: Let them make one by following a video in German. This could be a homework option.

They will make a list and the costs of the items.

Do you know of any organizations that donate supplies to students in a TL city? Add that name. Look for something like the 

Real community connection: Contact a local elementary or local organization. Ask for “profiles” of students.

Profile information Needed: Student: First Name, gender, age, one thing about likes 

Example: Anne S. 8 years old, Student 1: Girl, 8 yrs old, loves unicorns

Check for Learning

Have them summarize what they learned today about the classes.

Option: Give a senario like – A local German organization (replace with a name of one that is nearby) is creating a “back to school” donation drive. Explain your Schultüte and what you would put inside of it.

Articles – There’s an extra article in English that would be great for homework, and adds a personal cultural comparison. Have students do a Venn Diagram with the information or reflect on the similarities and differences. What do they “say” about the culture? Article #2: See if they can use the photos and captions to get the main idea.  Basically, the government gives needy families a flat-rate of 100 euro for school supplies.  Perhaps they could do an activity in which they see how much that could buy.


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  1. Suzanne Greenwalt

    Vielen Dank for ALL of the great additions to the German materials and the beginning of the year things! So exciting.

    Would you please change the 2nd question on the notebook slide to: Wie viel haben sie gekostet? (the ‘es’ should be deleted).
    Mil gracias!

    • Kara Parker

      Welcome! And Danke to you for the correction. This school unit was a collaboration with Toni B. (who is on here). We wanted to see how it would go to take the Spanish lessons and change into German. I’m going to work on it a little more this next week since I think it would be a good one to start the year. Don’t hesitate to send more corrections, ideas and such! Or if you ever want to do a unit together, just let me know!

      • Suzanne Greenwalt

        Yes, I would love to help. I also think it is fun to start the year with (and the great Schultüte cultural bits).
        I saw the Stundenplan (school schedule) somewhere earlier today and now can’t relocate that part… I want to provide you with a link so kids can print 1 of 2 class schedule templates to fill in by hand so they practice writing the subject names (German students’ schedules are a Monday schedule, a Tuesday schedule, Wednesday etc.; in other words, no 2 days’ schedules are alike)
        OR here one can type into a few templates and print https://www.stunden-plan.de/

        They would thus have to see how many different subjects German (or Swiss or Austrian) students take (more than 7 or 8 like here), figure out how many times a week those classes meet, are they double hours or single and then create one that demonstrates their knowledge of how German+ school schedules differ from US ones.

        • Suzanne Greenwalt

          And look at the start and end times, and when there are small breaks to incorporate into the schedule- sorry, I got a little hasty and forgot these components!

  2. Suzanne Greenwalt

    In addition for part 3, here is a link that would actually provide prices (the above might be good for creating a list from the boldfaced school supply items in the paragraphs that are written, and for just looking at the images of how materials are placed in stores).

    https://www.galeria-kaufhof.de/search?q=schulbedarf – then one can look up the conversion rate and see what the items would cost in Germany with dollars, and then compare which are more expensive.

  3. Gary Warchola

    I also plan to use this website https://www.schulsachen.de/ You could talk about which styles you like the most (the one with the unicorns of course!).

    • Kara Parker

      Danke, Toni!

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