Wie beschreibt man einen Snack


Beschreiben Sie die Snacks.


















Welcher Snack ist das?

Beschreibe 3 Snacks.

– – – für die Lehrer – – –

Main Focus: is, has, expanding description vocabulary

Minor Focus: types/brands of snacks


  • Download/Print a set of “Guess the Snack” game cards.
    • There are a few options: American Snack Brands, TL Country Snack Brands, Generic types in German, and a blank sheet
    • Cut the words apart (you or them)

Daily Objective

Introduce the daily objective. You can use props, acting, and simplified language to explain it.

This lesson will be combining vocabulary and knowledge from previous lessons.


Show the 5 senses. See if they can figure out what body part and action goes with each sense. They don’t have to know these words, but this is giving you a visual so you can remind them of what a good description includes.

How to describe a snack

This is the time to pull their previous knowledge and complete some “holes” in their vocabulary. Remember their proficiency level expectations. Go through these questions. Let them add the phrases on their vocabulary sheet as needed. Or let them create a new sheet and categorize the words by the senses.

What type of snack? Nuts, chips, candy, etc.

What do you SEE? What color? What shape? 

What do you TASTE? Flavor? Spice? Ingredients (chocolate, fruit, cheese)?

What do you FEEL? Texture? Firmness? Temperature?

What BRANDS are popular? Your culture? Other cultures? 

For reference and for intermediates: https://comerbeber.com/como-describir-una-comida


Watch the video. See if they can identify snack/drink description words/phrases. List them.

Repeat with another video if you want.

Guess the Snack Game

Play this like the “Headbands” game.

Set up:

  • Use the brands and/or types in the download. Or let them write their own. Cut apart and put in a container.
  • Support: Show the section with the different types of snacks to help them “remember” what options they have.

To play:

  • Time: Set a short timer (20 seconds – 60 seconds). They have that long to describe/guess what it is. 
  • One person draws a card, doesn’t look at it, and puts it on their forehead.
  • The other person describes it. The card holder tries to guess what is written on their card.
  • Switch roles each new card.


  • Be the team to guess the most cards. 

Check for Learning

Refer back to the daily objective.

Show the last text. You describe a snack. Tell them if it is a brand or type. They write down what they think it is. Do this for 3 or so different ones.

Option 2: Let them pick any 3 snacks and describe them (spoken or written).

Idea: They could make a matching game (3 or 4 types or brands on one side / 3 descriptions on the other side. Then they swap with a partner.

Mark their “Objective Sheets” if they can do it at their proficiency target.

Remind them to be working on their “Experiences,” especially if one relates to this objective.

If they are using the “Unit Vocabulary Sheet,” give them time to write down what they learned today.

Extension Ideas

    • Encourage them to complete the “Experiences” box about opinions.
    • Compare to snacks from childhood.

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