Schließe die Ziele auf Ihrem Leistungsniveau ab.

Schließe die Ziele auf Ihrem Leistungsniveau ab.



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This is a review day so you can build this using some, all or a mix of these ideas below.

Daily Objective

Today students will be reviewing the main objectives from the unit, with a mix of all modes and skills about streetfoods and places to eat.

Adjust this day to be whatever they need.


Let them reflect on their own progress. Can they complete these objectives at their proficiency target? They can check them off if they think they can do it.

Objectives in a Bucket

Cut apart the unit objectives. Put them in a bucket or another container (maybe a to-go box or something food related??).

They draw one out and do it at their proficiency target. The other group members help out by telling them what else they could add.

Trivia Questions

Put their trivia questions from the “Identify street foods” lesson.

Creating Questions

What questions can they come up with?

Note: Asking original questions is more of an intermediate skill. They may have memorized phrases that help them ask more novice questions like “What is your favorite?”so it’s okay if they have errors right now as they try to create with the language. They will see lots of examples of questions today so they can get more input of verbs and word order and you can work on those issues over time.

Matching Activity

Give them the first 2 sheets from the “Matching” download. With a partner, they will cut apart the strips and match the questions with their possible answers. Each question may have more than one answer.

Next show the images with the answers. Let them check their answers and ask any questions. See if there are new phrases that they want to add to the notes.

Circumlocution Practice

This is similar to the game “Taboo” where they have to describe something to their team.

Read the link below for setup and adaptations.

Practice Assessment

Pick one of the assessments that you are not going to use. Let them practice by answering it and self-assessing.

Photo Stories

Put a bunch of photos/pictures that relate to food, has people, places, and actions. They will create stories using the photos.

Turn in Experiences

You will sit at this station. They will come over and show you their evidence for completing their “Experiences.”

Reflect on the Essential Question

Do this as a station or this would make a good wrap up to the class.

Show the essential questions. They will give 3 examples of what they’ve learned that would answer them. Model for them what you expect. Do this in their L1 or target language.

Wrap Up

Remind them that there will be an assessment tomorrow. 

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