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Summerville, SC 29485

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Kara Parker


FEIN: 47-1388416

South Carolina

Tax ID: 47-1388416

South Carolina


W-9 in download
New Jersey and Illinois business information available by request


Payments are expected within 30 days after accounts are created.

Make Checks Payable to:
Creative Language Class, LLC

Remit Payment to:
Creative Language Class, LLC
104 Cartbridge Ct.
Summerville, SC 29485

Credit Card Payments
Processing fees may apply.
Email for directions.

Wire Transfers
Processing and wire fees may apply.
Email for directions.

Purchase Orders (PO), please include:
School/District’s Name and Address
Billing Contact’s Name, Phone and Email
Purchase Order Number (if needed)
The teachers’ names and emails, plus exact dates for the memberships to start and end

ADIOSTEXTBOOK is a membership website provided by Creative Language Class.
PO payments are expected within 30 days of creating an account.
After 30 days, the membership may be suspended until payment is received.

If you are a district/school, please provide these terms to your teachers:


Teachers have access to all units and the resources including lessons, homework and assessments while their account is active and are at the school that purchased the accounts.
Each membership is for one teacher only. Logins may not be shared.
If a teacher leaves during the year and a new teacher replaces him/her, contact us to update the account information.
Teachers are responsible for previewing all content to ensure that it is appropriate for the students’ ages and the school’s climate.
Teachers need to pre-check that external links are accessible at the school (some schools have restrictions on websites).
All educational content (unit plans, lesson plans, assessments, etc.) is property of Creative Language Class. It may not be reproduced to share or sell with non-members without written permission.

Districts may not download content from this site to their own drives/storage/computers. You may use links to reference any page you want.

Additional Terms and Privacy Policy