How do our summer activities reflect what we value?

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⊕ past summer experiences

⊕ leisure activities

⊕ summer events/holidays around the world

⊕ typical summer routines

⊕ work, camps & home stay opportunities

⊕ my future plans

Lesson Idea

  • Show videos and webpages for different camps in the US and in target countries. Ask if they would go there or not.
  • Show photos and videos of different activities being done at camps. Ask if they would do it or not.
  • Let them explain why or why not they would go to the camps.

Lesson Idea

  • Introduce what a summer home stay is all about. Tell a story of your own experience or show a video of someone else talking about theirs. Show there are two sides – going there or hosting!
  • Look at profiles of teens needing a host. Say what you have in common with each one.
  • Write a letter/email/WeChat to one of the teens you’d like to host. Introduce your family to them.
  • Write/Record your own bio to be chosen for a home stay.
  • Interview for the home stay (application).

Lesson Idea

  • Compare the numbers… how many teens have jobs in the US? How many in other countries? Look for an infographic or article with this information in your target language. Also you could look at volunteer positions.
  • Look at different type of summer jobs. What type are jobs are out there? What do they pay? What are the benefits of having a job? The disadvantages? What skills do you need? Which ones would you do? How could you use your language skills?
  • Extension: Practice interviews.

Lesson Idea

  • Now that they have seen 3 types of summer opportunities (jobs, home stays, and camps), let them write out the pros/cons of each one.
  • Next let them investigate 2 options that interest them. Have them compare those. What are the pros/cons of each one? Which is the best? Which is worst?


  • See what they can do! Use one or both of the assessments to measure their proficiency level on these topics.

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