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Having trouble logging in? Try these tips below.

  • Read the error message to see if it is your password or email.
  • Are you using the correct email?
    • Try using a different email like a personal or school one.
    • Look on your past billing receipts to see which one you use.
  • Is your password incorrect?
    • There are no restrictions like “use a capital letter or symbol” on this site.
    • If you reset your password, it may take a few minutes for it to send you an email.
  • Don’t see the email to reset your password?
    • Check your email’s spam folder. Add “creativelanguageclass@gmail.com” and “info@creativelanguageclass.com” to your contacts to avoid them going to spam.
    • If it’s been a few minutes and you still don’t see it, try again.

If none of these work, email us. Please include as much information as possible like your username, email, what you have tried, what the error message says and last time you could log in.