time to build your own currculum

Find out what units are available by language:

This could be your 5-year program curriculum

Note how they are vertically aligned by themes. Unit documents are available in most languages.


Units with complete lessons

Planner Units: These have unit documents and resources to build your own lessons

These units have complete lessons, unit documents and resources:

Planner Units: These have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons:

These are planner units which means they have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons. There are some lessons on some units. 

These are units with complete lessons:


These have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons:

Something new is always in progress!

These units have complete lessons:

These Planner units have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons:


We have begun expanding into Italian!

These have unit documents, resources and graphic organizers:

Some units have lessons. We’re planning to have 2 units with all their lessons by Fall ’22.

Includes unit documents, daily objectives in Chinese, performance assessments, plus resources like graphic organizers, videos, articles, and more. There are not complete lessons at this time.


LATIN – Resources only


ASL – Resources only, using English documents

As a member, you have access to every resource.



#1: Pick and choose

Find lessons and resources to support your own materials

Review foods form

#2: Plan out the whole year

Use the site to plan for the whole year

#3: Unify your language program

collaborate and plan for learning with all languages

Jump in and teach a new unit together as a department!

Set a proficiency benchmark and develop similar language skills as you work through lessons. 

Post a question to spark conversation in small groups after each video. Choose level-appropriate sentence starters to help.

Engage students and get them excited to use the language as they react to curated videos from the target culture.

Find out what learners CAN DO with similar assessments scenarios to measure proficiency growth. Assess together with a  common rubric.

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