Complete the following tasks about WHATEVER you want to explore. Complete all tasks in the target language at your proficiency level.

step 1: PICK TOPIC

Seriously, pick ANY topic that you want to explore where you can use the target language.

Narrow in on something specific.


Maybe it’s inspired by a Netflix show you are watching, or or a game you love.

Write down 1 or 2 questions that you want to be able to answer after you finish your project.

step 2: Research 

First gather some basic information about your topic. Think about a way to organize the information (a web, a list, etc).

List the resources (websites, video titles, books, TV shows, etc) where you found the informaiton.

step 3: Compare

Make some comparisons. Pick two things (people, places, events, etc) to compare. Maybe one is from a target culture and another is from your culture or another culture.

Pick at least 4 aspects that you will compare. Facts and numbers work well here (how many… how much…).

List the resources (websites, video titles, books, TV shows, etc) where you found the information.

step 4: experience

How can you include the community? What can you do? Even during these times, think of creative ways to “connect” with others and “see” the world.

Explain what your experience will be.

Then video or take photos during your experience. Say or write out what you did and your reflection at the end.

step 5: culture

Look back at all that you have learned. Identify what you noticed about the culture. Which aspect stood out to you? Was it a product, practice and/or perspective?

step 6: Share 

Create something where you can share what you learned with others.