Workshops & Sessions


These are ready-to-use for you to lead your group through the PD. You can add a live Q&A session.

Interpersonal Mode

What is the purpose of the Interpersonal Mode? What does it look like in the WL class?

One Hour

Workshops & Sessions


Below are our top requested topics for workshops and sessions. Plus we customize each one for you or your school.



Focus: Assessments, Grades, Proficiency Rubric



Focus: AP Themes, 21st Century Skills, Career-readiness, Lessons

Workshops & Sessions


Below are options with pricing for AdiosTextbook members.

*All-inclusive prices include workshop fee and all travel expenses. Price may change depending on dates and location.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need training to use this site?

No, if you have a basic understanding of proficiency and world language national standards, you can jump right in. Choose your thematic units, adjust lessons to target your students’ proficiency, and assess student performance at the end of each unit!

If you need help with these steps, training is available! 

Do you have PD I can use with my PLC?

We are growing our PD library for Adióstextbook members. We have a variety of mini-PD video (around 10 mins) that teach, examine, and challenge us in our practice. Watch them on your own OR together as a group to learn together!

What are the most popular PD training topics?

Adaptable Activities that support proficiency

Assessments, grading with a rubric, feedback

Interpersonal activities to speak more

Planning NEW units + lessons

Starting the year: explaining proficiency and TL tips

What the site offers and how to use resources

What are the benefits of on-site training?

We’ve seen that when teachers have time to ask specific questions and see examples firsthand, they are more more confident and willing to implement them in their own classroom.

With our VIP workshop, you can divide groups with more individualized training (novice vs. intermediate, middle vs. high school, new to site vs. returning teachers, etc.).

What's a typical PD day like?

Every training is a little different based on the group’s request and growth goals. We always show examples from the site, give teachers a chance to experience learning something new, not just listen. We learn best by doing!

Can I add the PD payment to my purchase order?

Yes, most schools prefer to bundle payment for coaching sessions or private workshops on the same invoice with their annual memberships. Let us know what you need and our billing team can customize this to fit your school’s requirements.

Find out more or request a date.