Purchase Order Process

This form is to start the purchase order process.

  1. Get approval from your supervisor or ask them to complete this form. If you only want a quote, fill out this form: Quote
  2. Complete and submit the form below with as much information as you have. 
  3. Next, we will send an invoice, W9, and our business information (address is listed at bottom of page) to the listed billing contact to be accepted.
  4. Each teacher must sign up for their own trial membership and accept the “Terms of Service.” 
  5. We will upgrade memberships to the “Annual Membership” on the “Start Date” that is listed in the form below and after the billing contact has been notified.*
  6. Payment is due within 60 days of your annual membership start date.



Annual Membership price is $180 per teacher. At this time, we are only doing 12-month memberships by purchase order. If a large group discount applies (10+ memberships), that will be reflected on the invoice.

* Note – We try to created accounts as quickly as possible; however, it may take up to 3 business days to activate new memberships.

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