We have options so you can have your dream curriculum.


We’ve done the hard part for you! All of these options were created to cover the traditional topics and national standards, but in a high-engaging, communicative and culture-first presentation. Choose a suggested curriculum that you love.

Design Your Own

Check our the steps to build your own exactly as you want it. This is like going to a buffet, and choosing the units and assessments that you want on your plate. These options can supplement your current curriculum or be your entire curriculum.


We know you may have an existing curriculum that you can’t completely replace yet or some unique restrictions of what you can do. We’ve worked with teachers, schools and districts all over the world. Contact us to help design your curriculum.


We have options so you can have your dream curriculum.

Unifying your World Language Program

Imagine this… you can all teach similar themes, regardless of language!

These have Unit Overviews, Objective Sheets, Assessments, and Experiences/Homework.

Notice that they are vertically and horizontally aligned.
Complete lessons are in the works, but may not be available for all units yet.

This will update as the AdiósTextbook curriculum expands. 

Create a vertically-aligned 5-year program!

These units have unit documents for 5 languages – Spanish, French, German, Arabic, English

Expanding into Chinese & Italian

suggested order that could be used in a 3-year middle school program. This takes a slightly slower pace to develop the skills since many middle school programs are part-time and/or shorter class lengths.



We have not developed specifically for elementary programs… yet! However, we want to give you some ideas.

Appropriate themes for younger learners, but lesson plans would need to be adjusted:


Other Unit Ideas (no resources, no lessons, nada)


Here are some basic steps to design your dream curriculum.

Set Proficiency Targets

What are the language expectations? This is based on one that we actually used when we were in the classroom. These expectations are completely obtainable for Group 1 and 2 languages!

If you teach a Group 4 language like Arabic or Mandarin, keep the same unit themes, but adjust the proficiency expectations. We have already considered this as we create the unit goals and lessons.

Pick Your Units

Based on the proficiency targets, pick the units that you and the learners are interested in!

This could be your 5-year program curriculum

Note how they are vertically aligned by themes. Unit documents are available in most languages.


Units with complete lessons

Planner Units: These have unit documents and resources to build your own lessons

These units have complete lessons, unit documents and resources:


Planner Units: These have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons:

These are units with complete lessons:


These have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons:

Something new is always in progress!

These units have complete lessons:

These Planner units have unit docs and resources to build your own lessons:


We have begun expanding into Italian! This will be a continuning project for ’21-’22 school year.

These have unit documents and resources:

These are the planner units to be developed spring ’22:


Includes unit documents, daily objectives in Chinese, performance assessments, plus resources like graphic organizers, videos, articles, and more. There are not complete lessons at this time.


These are units with complete lessons:

These are planner units which means they have unit docs, resources and some lessons to build your own:

LATIN – Resources only


ASL – Resources only, using English documents

Pick Assessments

Each unit has options for the performance assessments. Pick the ones that you will use to measure their progress on the proficiency line.
As a PLC group, analyze their results to evaluate their progress, strengths and areas to work on next.

Find out what learners CAN DO with similar assessments scenarios to measure proficiency growth. Assess together with a  common rubric.


Common questions and other info related to curriculum development.

When are we adding more?

Constantly! Daily we update old lessons, find fresh resources, tweak unit goals, and add new lessons for all languages. It’s always a process of create and refine. We’ll announce new units as we create them.

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