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Example Curriculum


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Overview of Units

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Middle School

Language Skills/Functions: Simple personal information about self and others. Simple descriptions and comparisons. Simple opinions.

Topics: typical snacks, colors, shapes, flavors, opinions

Animals, colors, sizes, habitat, foods

Topics: Colors, sizes, shapes, activities with kites, dates

Chinese English • French • German Spanish

Topics: birthdays, ages, things at a party, songs

Arabic English • French • German • Spanish

Snacks, descriptions, flavors, opinions

ArabicEnglish • FrenchGerman • Spanish

Pets, descriptions, commands, pet care

New Unit in Progress 


Language Skills/Functions: Give basic/personal information about self and others. Simple comparisons. Simple opinions. Express needs.

Topics: names, nationalities, introductions, school subjects

Arabic • ChineseEnglish • French • German • Italian • Spanish

Topics: portraits, colors, simple descriptions of people

ArabicEnglish • French • German • Spanish

Topics: sports, describing athletes, “I like to play/watch”

ArabicASL • ChineseEnglish • FrenchGermanItalianLatin • Spanish

Topics: describing family members, opinions about family activities (how often)

ArabicChinese • EnglishFrench •  GermanItalian • Spanish

Topics: street foods, opinions, descriptions, prices

ArabicChinese • English • FrenchGermanItalian • Spanish

Topics: ecotourism, lodging, activities, souvenirs

ArabicEnglishFrenchGermanItalian • Spanish

Topics: comparing schools, subjects, prices of supplies, giving directions around school

ArabicChinese • English • French • GermanItalian • Spanish

series, streaming services, habits, what happened

Topics: fashion trends, clothing, jobs, brands

ArabicASL • French • German • English • Italian • Spanish

Arabic • English • FrenchGerman • Italian • Spanish

Describing & comparing homes around the world, housing problems/solutions

Tourist attractions, places in the city, museums, travel advice, transportation, planning a trip

Arabic • Chinese • English • FrenchGerman • Italian • Spanish


Language Skills/Functions: Start to narrate, series of events. Give information about self and others with some details. Comparisons. Give opinions and give supporting details.

Topics: social media trends, profiles

Topics: breakfast around the world, ingredients, cereals

ArabicChineseEnglishFrench • GermanSpanish

Topics: street art & performances, debating pros/cons, laws

ArabicASLChinese • English • FrenchGerman • Italian • Spanish

Topics: common illnesses, symptoms, home remedies, infromation and solutions for dangerous diseases

Arabic • English • FrenchGerman • Spanish

Topics: comparing communities (good & bad aspects), services & jobs

ArabicEnglishFrench • German • Spanish

Topics: parks around the world, flora & fauna, activities to do, past trips, conservation concerns

ArabicChinese • English • French • German • Italian • Spanish

retelling scary legends, describing characters (physical descriptions & character traits)

Arabic • English • FrenchGermanSpanish

Topics: chefs & other kitchen jobs, ingredients and their origins, recipes

ArabicChineseEnglish • FrenchGerman • Italian • Spanish

singers of the past, story & accomplishments, instruments, music genres

ArabicASLChinese • English • FrenchGerman • Italian • Spanish

Topics: comparing disasters, explaining weather, giving prep advice, helping victims

Arabic • English • FrenchGerman • Spanish

Topics: discussing water issues & solutions

ArabicEnglishFrench • German • Spanish

Topics: discussing past and future summer plans (trips, work, time with friends)

Arabic • English • French • Spanish


Topics: retelling people’s migration stories and reasons, ancestry

ArabicEnglishFrenchGermanItalian • Spanish

Topics: modern farming techniques and issues, farm to table movement

Topics: movie genres, plots, jobs, issues

ArabicChinese • FrenchGerman • EnglishSpanish

Topics: current stories & issues about sports & athletes

Arabic • English • FrenchGerman • Spanish

Topics: discussing trash issues & solutions

Topics: discussing impact of technology in daily life

ArabicFrenchGerman • English • Spanish

Elementary School

Hello teachers of younger learners! We have begun curating resources and unit ideas. These are a brand new addition so they are still a work in progress, but we want to get the ideas flowing! Once the unit has enough to use, we’ll put it on your language page. You can use other units listed above as well.


Common questions and other info related to curriculum development.

When are we adding more?

Constantly! Daily we update old lessons, find fresh resources, tweak unit goals, and add new lessons for all languages. It’s always a process of create and refine. We’ll announce new units as we create them.

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