¿Cómo es el Día de

San Valentín?


Las ROSAS investigan COLOMBIA.

Los DULCES investigan JAPÓN.


Las CORAZONES investigan GALES.

Las FLECHAS investigan CHINA (Qi Qiao Jie).

– – – Para los profes – – –

Duration: approximately 100 minutes


  • Print the “Grupos de Jigsaw” cards (there is a color and black/white option) and cut them apart
  • Print a world map for each student: http://paraimprimirgratis.com/mapa-mundi
  • Option: Print a graphic organizer/note sheet (under Step 3, option 2)


Step 1: Introduce Daily Objective

By the end of the class, students should be able to give some basic information about how people around the world celebrate love.

Step 2: Videos

This is a quick hook to get them in the spirit of love from around the world. ♥♥

There are two videos: the first is simpler (I love you) and the second is more advanced (I love you because…). You can show one or both. 

Step 2: Question of the Day

With a partner, ask them to describe Valentine’s Day just using what words/info that they already know. Remind them that a good description covers –  dates, popular gifts, popular destinations, unique traditions and interesting facts. They will probably not know all the words they need, but remind them to simplify and use what they do know. Share answers together. You may want to let them combine their answers on the board or piece of paper on the wall.

Now, challenge them to FIND more details OR new info to add by looking at the infographic about Valentine’s Day.


Step 4: Group + Investigation

Now they will start learning about the other celebrations. Randomly pass out the “Grupos de Jigsaw.”

Tell them to group up by the image. Show the image so that they can say what is on their card in Spanish when they are trying to find their group.


Now explain that they will do some research in each group about a different country (show list). Suggest that they start on es.wikipedia.org in SPANISH. Then look at other sites as needed. Set a timer to keep them on track (20 minutes or so) or they could research forever! Remind them to take GOOD notes! They will need to reference them later.


Option 1: On a Padlet (they can all collaborate on the same Padlet page at the same time). They will want to put links to articles and photos including a caption in Spanish.  If you want to give them a hint, the Kahoot covers dates, popular gifts, popular destinations, unique traditions and interesting facts.


Option 2: Copy, paste on your preferred program and print this graphic organizer for them. Each student will need one.

Note: They may want to do some of the research in English to clarify, but they will need to find similar information in Spanish since they will need to talk about it in Spanish and the Kahoot is in Spanish.

(If you need to break the lesson into two days, this is a good stopping point. Tell them to remember/take a picture of their Jig Saw card.) 

Step 5: New Grouping 

Tell them now to find a new group based on the color of their card. (Reds cards here, blue cards here…)

This will now remix the groups so that there is an expert for each country on each team.

Teach each other 

Give them each a Mapamundi. Now they will tell their teammates as much as they can about their research (important information like name of celebration, where it is celebrated (mark it on their maps), dates, what traditions, etc…) and they can use their notes or Padlet. Again, put a timer. You may want to set that each student only has a set amount of time to talk – like 3 minutes.

Step 6: Kahoot (in Teams)

Play the Kahoot in their groups! They will need one device per group. Click “Kahoot” to go to this link:



You will need to have your own Kahoot account (we use this site often in lessons so you’ll use it again).

Set the game options:

Randomize the order of questions and answers for more of a challenge.

Choose the “Team Mode.” Press “start” and wait for them to join with their team name, and then their individual names.

Press “Start” again once you see every team has logged in.

It gives them 5 seconds to talk out the answer before it lets them click the answer they want. Nice for a team!


Check for Learning

Ask them to write a quick summary (without notes) about a celebration that they learned about in class. Or to challenge them more, see if they can compare two or more celebrations.

Don’t forget to collect your jigsaw cards if you need to reuse them in another class.



Extension Ideas


Share your ideas & resources with the community below!


  1. Kara Parker

    I added them below in the teacher steps too. Hope that helps!

  2. Gloria Tran

    Hello! I was wondering if the infographic was still available? I am unable to load it or view it.

    • Megan Smith

      Hi, Gloria! I added the link in the instructions and reloaded the infographic in the lesson. Hope that helps!

  3. Ann Faller

    I have a Kahoot account but the link above is not working. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. Sara Marruffo-Blodget

    I’m also having trouble with the kahoot link. What’s the name of the kahoot? Asking so I can search the Kahoot library.

    • Sara Marruffo-Blodget

      I searched Kahoot and found it. el AMOR en el aire by kararparker.

  5. Alden Metz

    I cannot find this Kahoot. Perhaps I need a premium subscription?

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