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This is a planner unit with unit documents and ideas to inspire your own lessons.

¿De qué manera lo que desechamos refleja nuestros valores?

¿De qué manera podemos encontrar valor en las cosas que desechamos?

¿Qué mensajes transmiten los artistas cuando utilizan materiales reciclados?

Proficiency Range

    Intermediate High – Advanced

AP/IB Themes

    Global Challenges/Sharing the Planet

    Science & Technology/Human Ingenuity

Talking about these topics:

⊕ trash issues affecting the world

⊕ landfills, contamination, & pollution (causes/effects)

⊕ recycling habits

⊕ solutions for trash issues

Using these language skills:

⊕ describing 

⊕ evaluating issues & their solutions

⊕ comparing data

⊕ recommending solutions and changes






resources to inspire your own lessons

Trash Issues:

Single-use Plastics/Microplastics


How to address plastics in oceans:

Policy Change, Education, Extra Tax/Fee, Ban, Market Change, Behavior Change





Social Plastic – https://www.henkel.com/press-and-media/press-releases-and-kits/2019-04-29-henkel-integrates-social-plastic-in-packaging-for-beauty-care-and-laundry-home-care-products-936188

Other Possible Assessment Scenarios:

A developer has plans to build condos near (protected area). Explain the impacts.

The government has announced they are beginning the review process for a X near Y. Explain what effects that will have on the environment, people, plants, animals and land.

Share your resources and ideas with the community below!


  1. cassandra.garcia

    I’m loving this! Do you have an estimated time frame for when this unit will be completed? I am just wondering for planning purposes. Thank you in advance.

    • Kara Parker

      Hey Cassandra! This is a brand new set of unit documents (just finished Spanish last week and still working on other languages now) so it’s at the very beginning. We’re watching for and curating resources now to see exactly where the lessons can go. I’m thinking that a lot will start to pop up as Earth Day approaches. We don’t have a set completion date on this one yet. If you want to have a zoom planning session with me, email me and I’ll happily collaborate! I have a ton of ideas, including a lead with a local recycled-art artist/activist that I want to talk to.

  2. cassandra.garcia

    This sounds amazing! I will keep my eye out for resources too and share them with you! 🙂 I’m helping a newer teacher plan for a level three course, so looking for something that might already be done for this level! Thank you so much! We are so grateful for all of the engaging units that you have planned and continue to plan.

    • Kara Parker

      Thanks, Cassandra! You made my Friday. 🙂 There are several units planned out for level 3 already like: Arte Callejera, Celia (good one for Black History month), Desastres, Enfermedades, Leyendas, and Vida Sana. Barcelona is super close to being complete. Tell the new teacher to email us if she has questions. We’re happy to talk that out with her.

  3. Jodi Baier
    • Jose Luis Orduna

      ¡Me encanta! Gracias por compartir los recursos.

      • Kara Parker

        So glad to hear you like the new unit and resources! 🙂

    • MICHELLE de la vega

      Great idea. Do you have a rubric for this?

  4. Maryann O'Regan

    Here are Interpretive Reading (in English) and Critical Thinking (in Spanish) questions I came up with for the article “Basura, desechos o residuos: ¿Hay alguna diferencia?”
    Interpretive reading questions can be modified for Novice Learners (i.e. add multiple choice options..)
    Critical thinking questions are targeted for Intermediate Leaners.


  5. Erica Nissenbaum
    • Kara Parker

      Wow! Thanks, Erica!

  6. Kirshna Washburn

    The link to download the unit documents does not work. I know this unit is still in progress, but I’d like to utilize it 🙂

    • Kara Parker

      oops! My bad. We updated the docs and I forgot to load them. Link is fixed!

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