bolsitas – snacks – golosinas

Hay dos tipos de snacks:



Clasifica los siguientes snacks. ¿Salado o Dulce?


mantequilla de maní


ositos de goma

barras de chocolate

palomitas de maiz





Vamos a ver más…

Let’s focus on just chips for a bit. There are so many unique flavors!


There are lots of different words for “chips” in the Spanish-speaking world.

Here are a few you may see:

las patatas fritas (de bolsa), las papas fritas, los totopos, las papitas, los chips, los nachos, las patatas chips

#1: Create your own chart with the categories below.

#2: Click the links below to see different chip flavors.

#3: Write the flavors (in Spanish) under the category based on if you would eat it or not. Pick at least 5 from each site.

#4: Finally, describe your top 3 choices for best (mejor) and worst (peor) flavors.

   ¡Qué rica!                                       ¡Qué asquerosa!

  La comería.          Podría comerla.         No la comería.

Quiero probarla.               No sé.             No quiero probarla.


Create a video of yourself and/or a friend trying different snacks. Try to include some from other countries.

Give a quick description of the snack and then give your opinion in Spanish.



Explain how companies are marketing to other countries/cultures through their choices of snack flavors? Give specific examples to support your answer.

Extension: What is this article about? Do you agree or disagree?

Make a list of the recommended snacks in Spanish. Then tell if you would eat them or not.

Write trivia questions based on Lay’s history.